A Husband Illustrates His Daily Life With His Wife And It’s So Very Cute

Everyday life may seem trivial, but when a man decides to illustrate his daily life with his wife, it gives a so very cute result.


When we are in a new relationship, everything seems awesome, special and wonderful. However, sooner than we would like, the routine kicks in and it may seem that everyday life is something trivial at this point. But when a loving husband chooses to start illustrating is everyday life with his beloved wife, what seems trivial before looks so very cute now.

2A Unique World for Two


In every relation, there’s a unique world hanging between the two lovers that no one else can access. From inside jokes to special hugs to sweet words, they are alone in this. However, to keep the flame growing between them two and to preserve their love, they have to enter that unique world every single day.