This Couple Thought They Were Expecting A Child, The Man Fainted When He Learned The Truth

When a woman gets pregnant, the couple usually expects to expect a child and plan for the arrival of this long-awaited loving being to finally form a family. However, along the way, it happens that surprises await us at the bend and this is the case of Nia and Robert, who thought they were expecting a child, but who rather received news that brought Robert to the point of fainting!


Nia and Robert Tolbert lived happily ever after and had a nice, quiet and tidy life with their son. They were really the perfect little family! But that was before Nia became pregnant with their second and third child.

Indeed, Nia’s pregnancies were really not usual, far from it. To the point, in fact, that the experts were in shock and the couple made the headlines in several countries around the world! The couple did not know what to expect from each of their pregnancies, but they certainly did not expect this outcome. Robert was so surprised by what the doctor told him that he literally passed out. Keep reading to find out exactly what the couple had while expecting a child!

15The meeting

Nia and Robert met in 2007 and it was love at first sight. They quickly started dating. After a few years of perfect happiness, it was the perfect moment: the couple had their first child in 2011, a little boy named Shai.

Despite already several years of married life and a child to their credit, Nia and Robert decided to get married and at the same time, a second child was growing in Nia’s womb! The lovers were excited to know if they were going to welcome another boy or a little girl this time, but they were surprised by the answer…