This is What Happens When You Put These Items In Intimate Areas.

In a sexual relationship, many people use these items in intimate areas without knowing it can be harmful to the woman's intimate parts. The reason is...


In order to facilitate sexual relationship and sometimes to spice up the act, you use lubricants for intimate areas. These products act as a lubricant for the mucous membranes and reduce the pain that can occur during a sexual act if the lubrication of your intimate parts is not sufficient.

Commercial lubricants are usually made of water or silicone and are compatible with condom use, but the catch is that some of their components can have harmful effects on your vulva.

6Why Using A Lubricant:

Whether it is to compensate for vaginal dryness or to increase the pleasure during penetration, the lubricant is perfect to combine the useful with the pleasant. These products are easy to access and can be found everywhere.

Water-based lubricants are perfect because they are cheap and you can even use them with a condom, but they are unusable under water because they dissolve quickly. They are odorless and will not stain your sheets or clothes.

Silicone-based lubricants are more expensive because they lubricate 5 times faster than those based on water and the effect last longer. Since they do not evaporate in the shower, they are perfect for sexual games or for gourmet pleasures.