These unconventional wedding pictures are touching!

Wedding photos are essential to have great memories of this important day and it can be said that these photographers have done their best! The photos of these different weddings are sometimes magical, but always unique. These are incredible memories that warm our hearts.


When it comes to weddings, there is only one thing more important than the cake and that is the photographer. Finding a good wedding photographer is not an easy task: you have to look for someone whose work captures the exact emotions you want to remember for the rest of your life. Here are some wedding photos that are simply epic.

15. Meet the cutest ring holder in the world.

Having such a cute ring holder certainly ensures a good start to the ceremony.

14. Just wDoves are found in many marriages because they are beautiful and mean a lot to the bride and groom. On the other hand, when released, the photos can become quite interestingow!

The black and white effect of this image certainly brings its wonderful effect to the ceremony. Although not everyone likes it, it is one of the couple’s favorite photos. It shows that the photographer has managed to understand them well.

13. This bride really wanted a unique wedding photo.

Having a unique photo at her wedding is always one of the bride’s goals. However, not all concepts are the best ones.

12. Even the dog was happy at that bachelor party!

This dog certainly didn’t expect to be the star of the evening. Jumping in front of the lens, he surprised many people and the picture shows it well.

11. Somewhere beyond the end of the rainbow….

We want sunshine at our wedding and never rain. But this time, the rain has created a magnificent rainbow and we must admit that we are envious of this photograph and this perfect moment.

10. This photographer captured the true beauty of the moment.

A photographer who succeeds in capturing an emotion is certainly the person we all want at a wedding ceremony. It is probably the most impressive and memorable thing.

9. Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea after all.

Doves are found in many marriages because they are beautiful and mean a lot to the bride and groom. On the other hand, when released, the photos can become quite interesting

8. There’s nothing like your family’s loving embrace.

Marriage is the best way to be close to the people you love for the moment of an evening. That’s why adding a photographer to this unique event always brings back incredible memories of the people we love.

7. I hope they caught her!

In life, there are good ideas and there are bad ones. The rest of this photo will decide if it was a good one or not.

6. The biggest smile you’ll see all day long

A bride’s smile is all that matters in a wedding ceremony. Happiness is seen through this image and it is pleasant to look at.

This is a fairy tale wedding

There are fairy tales in real life. No, it’s not Cinderella, but this woman seems even happier than the Disney princesses.

5. This dad is photographed with the things he loves most.

Because even if life stops around us at a wedding, some things don’t change. The love of a father and a child is beautiful in wedding pictures.

These two lovers may be small drops in a large ocean, but their love is stronger than the waves.

It’s hard to get a more impressive picture than this one. It makes you wonder how they managed to take it. One thing is certain, it was worth it.

4. This photo captures what it means to care deeply about each other.

Life is not always easy and some loved ones leave us too quickly. That’s no reason to forget them during our precious moments.

3. It looks like a scene from a movie

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper could even have been inspired by this image for their last film together. We must admit that the romanticism of this picture gives you chills.

2. Just imagine the distance they had to travel just to take this picture

Don’t be afraid to be late for the ceremony with this kind of picture. Fortunately, they were not victims of hypothermia during their unique moment.

1. Looks like this picture belongs to an impressionist museum

Having a photographer who knows how to take beautiful images at any time is precious!