15 Photos Of Shelter Dogs The Moment They Realize They’re Being Adopted!

Life in a shelter is not a happy life. Thankfully, the world is full of loving and well-informed humans who decide to adopt their pets rather than going to the pet shop. These just adopted dogs did not hold back on showing their love, happiness and gratitude to their new-found families. See their heartwarming reactions.


For any dog, adoption can be scary. Worse than staying in a shelter all their life is being taken by the wrong family. And while adoption day can be extremely stressful as well as terrifying, it could also turn out to be the best day of a dog’s life. In seems that in some cases certain dogs can be convinced right away that they have just won the adoption lottery.

Since we all love heartwarming videos and pictures of families reuniting or meeting each other for the first time, we figured you would love to see these pictures of loving humans welcoming lucky shelter dogs into their lives. Keep reading if you wish to witness the love, as these sweet moments between dogs and their new owners say it all. Emotion galore ahead.

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I mean, the title says it all.