Top 20 Most Polluted Places in the World

Many places in the world are very polluted. Sometimes it is so polluted that it can be dangerous for your health. Here are 20 places where you should never travel unless you want to save the environment!


It is undeniable that our planet is beautiful. The proof: we are surrounded by splendid landscapes made of beaches, waterfalls, mountains and more! However, a lack of care on our part can have devastating effects on our beautiful planet. In fact, our actions can have catastrophic consequences on our environment. What is really annoying is that every heavily polluted area can be cleaned up by implementing and maintaining simple environmental policies! In today’s article, we will review the 20 most polluted places on the planet Earth.

20Tianying, China

Mining is the main cause of large-scale pollution, and this remains true for Tianying, China. The city’s main source of income comes from the extraction of lead and other heavy metals which, when handled carelessly, can transmit a ton of health problems for several generations. The inhabitants of Tiayig suffer from lower IQ and learning difficulties. They also have health problems with their internal organs.