Easy Skin Secrets That Will Leave Your Dermatologist Speechless

Your dermatologist may or may not tell you these things, but did you know that you could improve the look and feel of your skin by adding a few simple things to your daily routine. We are not talking about creams and serums and sunscreens. No, these simple lifestyle changes can and will improve your skin health and complexion.


Want clear, healthy skin? You’d be surprised that there are a lot of things you can do to achieve a glowing complexion while spending little to no money. Other than applying sunscreen on the regular, many daily habits can be affecting the quality of your skin more than the products you use on it. Of course, using the right creams and serum and protecting your skin from sun damage can play a big role in the way your epiderm looks and feels, but there is a lot more you can do in addition to religiously splattering beauty products in tiny jars every morning and night.

These 9 easy steps to protect your skin from premature ageing, blemishes, and so many more other common and less common skin concerns. Your dermatologist may or may not tell you these things, but in the end, certain lifestyle changes and inexpensive fixes can go a long way.

8. Reduce Caffeine Intake

Caffeine, just like alcohol, is dehydrating. It causes the body to excrete more water than normal. Diuretic products are not always a bad thing: they help flush out your body. However, hydration is a vital component of healthy skin, so make sure not to overdo it and to compensate with extra water to stay properly hydrated.

7. Relax

Believe it or not, stress can cause flares-up of skin problems such as acne, eczema, or psoriasis. We know it’s tough, but try to slow down. Maybe pick up meditation or yoga or just schedule some non-negotiable “me time” each day.

6. Go Natural When Exercising

Always hit the gym or engage in any physical activity with a bare face. Makeup can interfere with your body’s sweat production because it clogs your pores. So go natural, it might be difficult at first if you are feeling self-conscious about any skin concern, but it will actually break the vicious circle.

5. It Is Possible to Heal Some Skin Damage

We all need some sun exposure in order to synthesize vitamin D, but make sure not to over do it. More than 10–15 minutes gets into dangerous territory. Or course, don’t lock yourself up in your house. You can enjoy the beautiful weather, but never skip on sunscreen. But if you used to be an unadvised regular tanner, all is not lost. Skin care products with vitamin A (typically listed as retinyl palmitate, retinol, or tretinoin) as well as foods rich in the nutrient can actually repair some of the visible effects of skin damage.

4. Reduce Your Risk Of Skin Cancer

Sun avoidance and sunscreen are two of the best ways to lower your risk of developing skin cancer. But certain supplements such as Niacinamide and Heliocare are a good thing to add to your diet. Another great way to help prevent damage is foods rich in antioxidants like blueberries, watermelon, nuts, seeds, carrots, leafy greens, cauliflower, and green tea which support the health of your skin.

3. Wash Your Makeup Brushes Frequently

Using a dirty brush puts you at risk for breakouts as well as other more serious bacteria, so it’s best to wash all your tools about once a week.

2. Use a Humidifier

Before dropping hundreds of dollars on the latest thing, try sleeping with a warm mist humidifier. Adjusting the humidity level of your room can do wonders to relax and rehydrate dry skin. You can even add essential oils. Helichrysum, lavender, lemongrass, and frankincense, in particular, are known to improve skin condition.

1. Sleep

Puffiness, sagging, wrinkles, or just looking older than you really are, could all be due to lack of sleep. Along with smoking, lack of exercise, and unprotected sun exposure, insufficient sleep is at the top of the list in terms of things that can make you look older. So try adding a few extra hours to your regular schedule, your skin will thank you.

Source: Active Feel