Hair Trend 2019: The Perfect Cut For Women

The eternal quest for youth is something that affects a large majority of women. Some go as far as cosmetic surgery while others opt for softer solutions, such as different creams and make-up. Another way to rejuvenate your look and look younger is to opt for a trendy haircut!


Aging is not always pleasant. Some women age better than others, fortunately for them, but it is rare that the traces of time totally spare a person’s body and face. However, there are some ways to reduce the appearance of older age, whether it’s by applying makeup or skin care, wearing beneficial clothing or even choosing a younger haircut.

Yes, a haircut can really make all the difference and give you a younger look! We present you the 15 trendiest cuts of 2019 that are perfect for women over 50 who want a younger look!

15. Short hair


If you don’t like long hair too much, why not opt for a very short cut like Robin Wright? You can both enhance your femininity and look younger!

14. Add colour

Good Housekeeping

To soften your features, nothing beats the ombre hair. Shade is very trendy this year and it will give a beautiful luminosity to your hair.

13. Check for frizz


With age, hair seems more likely to react to frizz and static electricity. However, it is wrong to believe that having longer hair can solve this problem, quite the opposite. The ideal is to have a haircut like Eva Mendes’, which goes just a little bit down the shoulders. This will help you better control frizz and make your hair stronger and healthier.

12. The bob

According to the master stylist of the Dop Dop Salon in New York, Jay Vosper, a bob creates a perfect illusion of fullness around your face. However, avoid the old-fashioned bob that looks like a matron and opt for a modern one like Cameron Diaz did, says Dominick Pucciarello of the Mizu Salon in New York.

11. Long and thick hair

The latest hairstyle model

Those who believe that women over 40 should not have long hair can swallow their word. Thick, long hair gives a younger look and a shinier appearance when it is on the shoulders or even longer.

10. Adopt the loops

Harper’s Bazaar

If you have curly hair, there’s no need to fix it. Assume your curls and opt for a multi-layer cut. Ideally, your stylist will cut shorter strands around your face.

9. Layered hair

Hairstyles for Women in 2019

A layered cut is often much easier to comb. For example, choose a longer cut at the neck, but much shorter at the chin. To make them as trendy as possible, take strands about 1 inch wide, then wrap them around a medium-sized curling iron to keep them away from your face in a stylish way.

8. Long and asymmetrical hair

Again, according to Jay Vosper, it is better to choose an asymmetrical cut similar to Helen Mirren’s, especially if you have fine hair. Oily roots never make a good impression, quickly appearing dull and lifeless, even dirty. “The asymmetry and the deep part of the side gives the hair a lift and fullness, while a middle part would draw more attention to smoothness.” This type of cutting also greatly benefits the bone structure, especially the cheekbones, which tend to become more prominent with age.

7. Flip your hair

Do you like to be original and stand out from the crowd? Why not flip the tip of your hair with a flat iron? It will add a beautiful fantasy and a fresh wind to your cut!

6. Short and light cut

We only have one life, so enjoy it! This cut expresses both madness and youth. All you have to do is use a little ointment to sculpt it as you wish.

5. Texture in length


Very feminine, this style is perfect for women with thicker hair. You will have just enough texture while having a young and trendy look.

4. Flat hair

Over time, facial features become more severe and pronounced, so we need to find a way to fix them. Shorter flat hair like Reese Witherspoon’s is a good way to reduce its effect.

3. Assume your grey hair

Good Housekeeping

Some people have grey hair sooner than others and there is no shame in having it! To highlight them, all you need is a trendy and fresh cut. To do this, choose a layered cut that starts at the level of your cheekbones and extends to your collarbone.

2. Lightweight curls

For some women, flat hair is not a good option because it tends to age them. If this is the case, you should opt for long hair with light curls that will give you a soft and moving effect.

1. The asymmetrical cut

The Right Hairstyles

The asymmetrical cut can be worn at several sauces, but styled in light waves that simulates a dishevelled style will give you a proud and youthful look. This cut is perfect for all occasions.


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