[Slideshow] Celebrity Homes: 21 Of The Most Luxurious

Fame's silver lining is that you get to at least buy the house of your dreams with the money you made. Not bad!


Get ready to be impressed as you’ve never been before with those 20 fabulous homes!

21. Beyoncé and Jay-Z ($45 million, Los Angeles)

Beyoncé has $265 million, Jay-Z, $610 million… Are we really that surprised they spent $45 million on their home? With 123 rooms, the house includes an M & Ms World, an aquarium, a club, a cinema, a bowling alley, pools and its own tennis courts. Nothing less!

20. Jennifer Lawrence ($8 million, Beverly Hills)

J.Law gave a new life to this house, which was Jessica Simpson’s before hers. It very elegantly combines nature and design. It has its own secret pool in a luxurious garden, for added intimacy.

19. Miley Cyrus ($2.5 million, Malibu)

The singer’s house went up in flames last winter, unfortunately. We hope she had insurances and was able to find a place that was a nice as this one was…

18. Will Smith ($42 million, California)

Will Smith’s house was so big it has its own postal code! We’re talking in the past because it is actually for sale as we are writing this. $42 million, what do you say? It comes with its very own recording studio, tennis and basketball courts, as well as a golf court.

17. Britney Spears ($9 million, California)

The queen of pop sleeps in a house that has 5 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms and 3 kitchens. Oh, and also a tennis court, a spa, a golf court and a gazebo. Why not?

16. Christina Aguilera ($13.5 million, Los Angeles)

The star’s home was seen across design magazines for its numerous eccentricities. In fact, each room has its own style and colours. The least we can say is that it looks pretty nice from here…

15. John Travolta ($12 million, Florida)

Yes, that’s a plane. John Travolta’s home doubles as an airport. How about that? We all have different tastes and priorities…

14. Taylor Swift ($17 million, Rhode Island)

Here’s Taylor’s favourite house (because yes, she has more than one!). It’s located directly on the beach and has been home to many, many for Taylor Swift’s legendary parties.

13. Drake ($7.7 million, Hidden Hills)

A rapper’s house can only be extravagant, right? Well, this one is no exception. It looks more like an amusement park, to be honest… Anyway, it has secret passages, lots and lots of pools with their own waterfalls and caves.

12. Michael Jordan ($15 million, Chicago)

The world’s most famous basketball player has a house that includes an indoor tennis court, a gym, a bar and a wine cellar. Not bad!

11. Justin Bieber ($20 million, Hollywood Hills)

Like it or not, Justine Bieber was talented enough to make a lot of money from his singing career. We wonder how he keeps his privacy when he lives in a home with so many windows. Regardless, you must be comfortable there, with 6 bedrooms, a gigantic garage and an infinity pool.

10. Rihanna ($22 million, Barbados)

Rihanna bought this Barbie dream house on her native island. It has direct access to the beach, a big pool, a gym, a spa, a gold court and a tennis court. Oh, and it has 24/7 personnel.

9. Oprah Winfrey ($50 million, California)

The media giant also has a giant house. This one sits on 16 hectares of plantation, which is as far as you can see from the place. The home is a fortress, assuring tranquility to Oprah.

8. The Playboy Mansion ($100 million, Los Angeles)

Hugh Hefner’s house is almost 2000 square metres. If walls could speak, those one would talk of crazy parties and crazy nights. There are 29 bedrooms in the mansion, a cellar, a cinema, a gym, a spa, photography studios, tennis courts, big pools and a zoo. A staff is there to keep it all maintained.

7. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis ($10 million, Beverly Hills)

That 70’s show‘s stars are well established in this modest house, which has 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.

6. Blake Shelton ($3 million, Nashville)

This is a “modest” house, compared to the other ones… Well, Blake Shelton appreciates simple things. That’s probably why he divorced his wife and sold this house they used to share.

5. Eddie Murphy ($85 million, Hollywood Hills)

Bought for $20 million, Eddie Murphy revamped the place so much it’s now actually for 4 times its original value! It has a total of 32 rooms, including indoor pools and a spa.

4. Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady ($20 million, California)

This castle combines classical European architecture with modern ecological solutions. Well done!

3. Heidi Klum ($24 million, Los Angeles)

34 hectares, 8 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a spa, gazebos, a large pool, a golf court and hiking trail … the basic stuff, you know.

2. Tiger Woods ($60 million, Florida)

Tiger Woods bought this house after his costly, highly public divorce. You won’t be surprised to learn it has its own golf course.

1. Katy Perry ($4 million, Los Angeles)

Perry is now a real California girl, with her sumptuous Mediterranean house. Are you surprised if we tell you it has a dressing room taking the space of a 3 car garage?