[Slideshow] More Parents Are Now Gluing Pennies to the Bottom of their Kid’s Shoes

Being a parent can be super hard, let's be honest. At least some tips can make our life easier...


A lot of people have different opinions about jobs, but everyone will agree that being a parent is one of the most difficult. It’s so challenging to raise, take care and provide for our little humans! The least we can do is help each other make things a bit easier. Here are some tips parents have shared for raising children. Read on to find out why gluing pennies to your children’s shoes can make your life as a parent less complicated!

25. Drink Up

Making your child take their medicine doesn’t have to be complicated. Hand them a pacifier to deliver the proper does. Just snip off the tip and place a medicine dropper in the resulting hole. Done.

24. DIY Play Pen

Going to the beach with your toddler is totally possible. Stop worrying about your kid heading off to the water by creating a makeshift playpen. Just bring a fitter sheet and prop it up by securing the corners with your belongings.

23. Divide and Conquer

If you have more than one kid, long road trips can be a pain. Well, introduce some personal space by adding dividers between your kids. This way, they won’t be able to bother each other.

22. Time to Clean

Clean up time and fun don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Place some tape and ask your kid to sweep the mess into the square/rectangle/polygon you have created. They’ll have fun and actually clean up!

21. Hands-On

Children find it comforting when their parents hold them as they fall asleep. However, sometimes you simply don’t have the time to lay with your kid and wait for them to doze off. You can convince them otherwise by using a glove and filling it with dried beans or rice though! Simply place it on your baby’s back and they’ll be asleep in no time.

20. Colored Clock

Make your life easier by assigning colors to tasks and putting them on the clock. This way, your kids will know what they should be doing every time they look at it.

19. Left and Right

One way to help your kid distinguish between the left and the right is by labelling their shoes. Simply divide a sticker in two and place each half on the correct shoe. It’s going to be like a puzzle to them but, more importantly, it will ensure they’re wearing their shoes properly.

18. Bye Bye Glitter

Glitter might be pretty, but how annoying is it to clean up! Well, lint rollers can save the day!

17. Tape It

Our kids all have that one noisy toy we can’t bear any more. Well, a piece of tape should do the trick. Use it to cover the speaker of the toy in question to tone it down. It should still work but it won’t be as noisy.

16. Stuck No More

Has your child ever locked themselves in the bathroom? Avoid situations like this with a rubber band. Just set it up like this to ensure they can exit without any trouble.

15. Not Too Much

Rubber bands for the win! Here’s another use for them: limit soap usage by securing them around the nozzle of the pump.

14. Spelling Blocks

To make learning fun and accessible, use your kids’ building blocks to help them learn how to spell. Simply write letters and words on different blocks. This way, your children will be able to get the hang of all kinds of words and enjoy themselves.

13. Not That Permanent

We’ve all made that mistake; we thought we had put our permanent markers away, but guess not! When this happens, get some toothpaste to rub it off, or some hand sanitizer. Works like a charm.

12. Nipple No More

There comes a time when you need to separate your baby from their pacifier. When this happens, start cutting away a piece of the nipple when your kid uses it. Soon enough, they will dislike the feeling and there will be nothing left to suck on. Maybe they will even throw it away themselves, who knows!

11. Tent transformation

Doing some yard work? Can’t leave your baby alone? Well, bring the crib out and turn it into a tent and there you go!

10. Not Just for Dishes

Dishwashers clean toys and shoes too!

9. Fort Fun

Forts, yay! Set one up for your kids by hanging old bed sheets onto hula hoops that you hang somewhere. Done.

8. No Mess

Don’t put the ketchup on top any more. Spare yourself some cleaning.

7. Hide the Good Stuff

To keep kids (and your spouse?) from eating all the candy you have, hide it in a clever way. Keep an empty bag from something healthy they don’t like and use it as a cover.

6. Baby Socks

Avoid your washer/dryer Bermuda triangle by stashing all the baby socks into a mesh bag. You’ll never lose one again!

5. Medicine Chart

Draw a schedule directly on the side of your kid’s medicine bottle to avoid making a mistake of missing a dose. That way you can see when you gave them medicine last.

4. Babyproof Coffee Table

If you have a table with sharp corners, use a pool noodle to soften the edges and keep your baby from getting hurt.

3. Take a picture

When going out with the entire family, take a picture of the kids before the day begins. This way, if someone gets lost, you’ll have an accurate photo of what they look like and what they are wearing.

2. TV Time Currency

Teaching kids responsibilities at a young age is definitely a positive thing. One method that can help you teach your kids to do their chores is this clever hack. Encourage the kids to earn TV time by creating a currency. Each chore completed will earn them a certain amount of time they can watch TV. Or play games. Whatever works for you!

1. Keep Them Entertained

And finally, tape some pennies to the sole of your kid’s shoes. The sound will amuse them so much that they will feel motivated to keep moving and get ready for school. Yaaas!