[Photos] Take A Look Of The Obama’s New Home Before It’s Banned

Right after the Obamas left the White House, they purchased a luxurious brick mansion in the upscale Kalorama neighbourhood of Washington DC. Can you guess how much it cost?


The home, built in the 1920s, was sold to the former President for $8.1 million. Here’s a little tour of the property.

21. The Front Door

The front door shows unique characteristics, with its wrought iron, its wall sconces and beautiful patina copper awning.

20. The Front Hall

The house feels luxurious from the moment you walk in, with its beautiful black and white marble floor.

19. The Living Room

The 8,200-square-foot house has numerous spaces for the family to relax, such as this large living room.

18. The Family Room

The Family Room is one of the most beautiful rooms, with floor-to-ceiling windows that look out on the backyard.

17. The Kitchen

The Obama’s kitchen is an eat-in with marble countertops.

16. The Kitchen’s Glorious Stove

This kitchen makes good use of contrasts, especially with those black window frames against the white brick wall and countertops. Let’s not forget about that glorious 6-burner gas stove either, it’s every foodie’s dream.

15. The Pantry

The pantry has lots of storage space sure to help keep this home’s kitchen neat and tidy.

14. The Dining Room

The dining room is definitely large enough for entertaining guests, although no state dinners will be hosted here.

13. The Master Suite

A king-size bed can fit in the master suite.

12. The Master Sitting Area

The master suite also has a spacious sitting area that can double as a study.

11. One of the Eight Bedrooms

This is one of the eight bedrooms. Beautiful!

10. Another Bedroom

This is another bedroom in the Obama’s home. There are plenty of options for Malia and Sasha to choose a post-White-House room…

9. Dressing Room

Michelle and Barack Obama sure will be able to fit every nook of this dressing room, especially when we know Michelle Obama is such a style and fashion icon.

8. Her Master Bathroom

Because yes, the house is big enough that it has TWO master bathrooms. Michelle’s features a luxurious tub and vanity.

7. His Master Bathroom

Barack’s master bathroom has a luxurious walk-in shower.

6. A Powder Room

This is only one of the eight and a half bathrooms in the mansion.

5. Office Gym

This space can be used as a gym or as an office.

4. The Den

The ground floor houses a media room, a second kitchen/laundry facility, a wet bar with wine storage and an in-law suite.

3. The Backyard

The backyard has a lush green lawn that provides plenty of space for dogs Bo and Sunny to run and play.

2. The Rear Garden

Plenty of space for entertaining, and room for a pool too!

1. First Look

The gated courtyard provides plenty of space for many vehicles. Ideal for a former president and secret service cars, maybe?