Mini-Puppies Are A Real Thing And You Can Have One!

If you like smaller dogs, you will love these miniature dogs. These are perfect for apartment living or for people who want dogs that are simply cute.


For most people, puppies are a great source of joy. Of course, everyone loves to see their puppy grow into a beautiful dog, but what could be more pleasant than to flatter a little puppy? Also, there are all kinds of puppies of different shapes. Sometimes they are fluffy, other times they are small and cute. They only have one thing in common: they are all adorable! Here are 18 miniature dogs that are extremely adorable. When you’re done learning more about them, you’ll want to get one for yourself, that’s for sure!

17. Put it in your pocket


This puppy is adorable, isn’t he? Indeed, it is hard to resist his deer eyes as well as his supple ears. It is so small that you can even slip it into your pocket.

16. A small dog at the end of the bath


Some dogs love to take a bath… that is, once they get used to it! The shock and outrage of this puppy being forced to take such a bath would be very tragic if his facial expression was not so cute.

15. This dog will be able to soften you up with his eyes


Let’s be honest, this dog knows how to soften people up with his eyes. His pose, very calm, also makes you want to caress his head and rest with him.

14. Sleeping with the family

They say that being born into a large family can be stressful, but it is clear that this huge litter of puppies is not anxious. We should all take a nap with our loved ones in this way (although…).

13. A passion for soda

Twitter/Soda Jerks

You’ve probably heard that dogs hate soda (and, to be honest, they shouldn’t drink it), but it’s all a lie. There’s almost nothing else that makes a puppy lick his lips in advance like a delicious 7 Up, even if it’s unhealthy for him!

12. A gigantic bed


This puppy is so small that every time he decides to take a nap, you have to try to find them!

11. Great discoveries!

When puppies are small, everything can look big and exciting to them. For this little man, every day a million discoveries await to be made. It seems that today’s discovery is… a shoe!

10. A love of sport


They told this puppy that he was too small to be on the football team. Of course, he was a brilliant offensive lineman, but only against opponents of his caliber, his little teddy bear.

9. Two adorable dogs

These two animals are extremely adorable. They’re so cute together that we wouldn’t dare separate them.

8. A crescent shape

In France, it is normal to start the day with a freshly baked croissant. This great dog has heard about this tradition and, instead of eating real croissants herself, she has chosen to become one… with a cute puppy in its center!

7. Another adorable dog


This chubby little dog is very small, but you would never know what it is like with this huge ball of fur that covers his whole body. It is undoubtedly a creature in need of protection and pampering.

6. A presidential pose


You have to admit that this dog has a lot of presence. Its pose is almost like that of a president!

5. A small massage for your dog


When you’re so adorable and you seem to be begging for hugs all the time, you’re sure to get some!

4. Will you be able to support his lovely gaze?


This puppy has a lovely look. His eyes are so adorable that it can be difficult to support him, especially if this little dog wants a treat, for example!

3. This puppy thinks he’s a fox


This adorable dog would like to claim that he is a fearsome beast of nature, but he couldn’t be more wrong. He’s just a cute puppy you want to cuddle all day long.

Miniature dogs are not for everyone, for several reasons.

2. These dogs have a shorter lifespan


Physiologically, miniature dog breeds have barely developing bones, little exercise and overworked organs, which means they have a shorter lifespan than slightly larger dogs. Therefore, if you want a dog that lives for a very long time, avoid miniature dogs!

1. These dogs can’t do as much as other dogs can


To the great surprise of some dog owners, miniature dogs cannot quite do everything that normal-sized dogs can do. Even some things that are vital. Also, a life spent inside a handbag, little exercise and little interaction with other dogs will not make your miniature dog happy as a normal-sized dog with a different lifestyle would be.