Here Are The Richest Celebrity Married Couples That Exist!

Some celebrities have incredible fortunes, as we all know. What about married celebrity couples? Here are some wealthy couples and a look back at their expensive marriage!


There is not much difference between the rich and the average person. Although they can afford luxurious cars and larger homes, these people have a daily routine that is often similar to ours. Having a fortune does not absolve you of human feelings. Like any other person, the rich also experience all kinds of feelings, including love, and their relationships are as convoluted as those of another human being.

Most of the time, their marriage is even more stressful and progressively unpleasant, as the money and notoriety that often go hand in hand can include a ton of extra weight in their relationship. Some of these rich celebrities have happy and magical love stories, while others have had to deal with the turmoil and heartache. Of course, their wealth can distinguish them from us, but the rich also have a heart. To prove it, we will look at the union of some of the richest couples in existence.

1Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos

With an astonishing fortune of more than $100 billion, Jeff is one of the richest men in history. Amazon’s founder and CEO has had a rewarding career, but his stable marriage to Mackenzie Bezos is noteworthy. Mackenzie was with him all that time and was very close to him when he founded Amazon and incorporated it into the power plant it is today.

They met when Mackenzie interviewed him at the New York hedge fund, and after three months until their first appointment, they signed up. They married in 1993 and moved to Seattle the following year after Jeff had the idea for the company that would eventually become Amazon.

Decades later, the couple is still happily married and has four children together. The business magnate is as favorable to his half of the profession as he is to his own. “Jeff is my best reader,” she said, adding that he would be happy to clarify his schedule for reading and annotating his original copies.