13 kitchen tips borrowed from the pros

Cooking can be fun and for some, it can even be a passion. Unfortunately, not for everyone. Here are 13 kitchen tips to know.


Cooking can be pure fun, for some, it is a real passion but unfortunately for others, it is not. Some people hate cooking and see this activity as a real nightmare. It is therefore interesting for these people to know that some tips and tricks exist in the kitchen that makes cooking more enjoyable. These can greatly simplify their culinary tasks, whether it is cleaning the kitchen, preparing ingredients or taking care of utensils. Here are 13 kitchen tips everyone should know.

1. Remove the seeds from a cucumber

To quickly remove the seeds from your vegetables, take a melon spoon. Its rounded edge is very practical.

2.  Remove excess grease

If a dish that you have cooked is too greasy, take ice cubes and paper towels, wrap the ice in the paper towel and place it on the food. Ice will attract excess grease that will attach itself to the paper towel.

3. Master how to use plastic wrap

To avoid tearing your plastic wrap roll, put it in the refrigerator, as professional cooks do. When the roller is cold, the paper doesn’t stick to everything.

4. Peel an orange

If you have difficulty peeling your oranges or lemons, put your fruit in the microwave for 20 seconds. It will make it much easier.

5. Remove an egg’s shell

Put baking soda or vinegar in a container with water when your eggs are cooked. You will have no more misery removing their shell.

6. Get more juice from your citrus

To get more juice from your citrus, put them in the refrigerator. Then put them in the microwave for 15 to 20 seconds.

7.  How to grate your cheese without making a mess

Put your cheese in the freezer for 30 minutes if you plan to grate it later.

8. Cut onions without shedding a tear

Opt again for the freezer. Place onions for 30 minutes before cutting them. Do not do this trick, however, if you do not plan on cooking your onions.

9. Prevent boiling water from overflowing

To prevent water from overflowing when making pasta, simply place a wooden spoon on your pan.

10. How to roast a chicken

To completely roast a chicken, open it and place it in the oven on its chest.

11. Make your own paper moulds for your cupcake

If you forgot to buy paper moulds for your muffins, use parchment paper. Cut out squares and place them in a muffin mould before putting your dough.

12. How to heat your pizza in the microwave

If you heat a pizza dough or a container of sauce in a microwave, place a bowl of water next to it. The humidity will preserve the crispness of the pasta.

13. Cook perfect eggs

Crack the eggs in your pan and instead of adding oil, add water!