6 Most Rebellious Zodiac Signs – Are You One of Them?

Certaines personnes sont bien plus rebelles que d'autres et préfèrent faire les choses à leur manière. Voyez les signes du zodiaques qui le sont le plus!


Personal rebellion can come in many forms, including by checking your horoscope to prove that other people are wrong. We often hear the idea of a rebellious nature that manifests itself in someone who fights against the norm or stands up against the opposition. Alas, the rebellion can be very subtle, even a form of art for those who are born under certain signs of the zodiac.

While the rebellion can begin as this first indignant cry that fills our lungs and escapes at the time of our birth, depending on who you are and what your sign is, you can be astrologically made to be the cosmic rebel – with or without cause.

Here are the 6 zodiac signs that are the most rebellious in their ways:

1. Aquarius (20 January – 18 February)


Always thinking, these people have a plan in their mind and if something hinders their plan, they will play the long game, that is, they will wait for you and then deliver you the way they want things work. If you had your heart ready to do things your way, it really does not matter if you are dealing with an Aquarius – they will do it in their own way despite all your efforts. You think you are in control? Not with an Aquarius. Remember, the long game is there to give you the impression that everything works as you had planned, until BAM !, the rebel is making his way … again.

2. Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Let’s keep this in mind as a principle for the future: Aries does not care about your rules. As a superior being, Aries laughs at your plans. And why? Because he is a rebel who does not even know what he has in mind. All he knows is that he will do it in his own way, by misappropriation or fraud. The only thing you can count on is that it is predictable; Expect your Aries friend to contradict everything you say and keep in mind that even if you agree with his idea of a plan, somewhere he will revolt about it as well.

Source: Your Tango

3. Taurus (20 April – 20 May)

What would seem obvious about the nature of Taurus is played in a form of rebellion much more subtle than what you would imagine. The whole story about “stubborn nature”? Oh, it is real, but it is also the solid foundation of their personal rebellion. Just try to get a Taurus to do something to which he vigorously opposes. You will never get there. When Taurus rebel, they do not need to verbalize their intention. They simply do not move, making it one of the most rebellious signs of the zodiac.

4. Cancer (June 21 – July 22)


Although there is no absolutely typical Cancer, there is one thing these people have in common: a need to be comfortable doing things on their own terms. When Cancer rebels, it results in a lot of flattery and excuses. You will think that he is following you, simply because he has complimented you on your plan, but the truth is that Cancer is already elsewhere. Your plans, your ideas were never on his to-do list, so you’d better go to the obvious: you never existed in the first place. He rebelled against you before you even came.

5. Libra (September 23 – October 22)

“I did it in my own way” may very well be the anthem of the Libra personality. They will not force anything or anyone because they do not need your approval when it comes to following their own happiness; They know what they like and they pursue it without the approval of anyone. What you might call a rebellion is just the way they follow. Unlike Taurus, they are not stubborn, they are just loyal to themselves and if moving is something they do not want to do, the last thing in the world that you can make them do is move. Libra is a surprisingly powerful sign. They are rebels in pursuit of their own program.

6. Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Arrow set to their target, bow in hand, the rebellion is like a game any day of the week. The Archer will think before knocking; His intention is always well directed, for it is a key to the personality of Sagittarius. Rebellion comes naturally and they like to take on the role of “rebel leader” who could imply that they need to support their rebellious efforts. The Sagittarius likes to “lead the army” so to speak, so expect the missives that are direct, to the point and completely rebellious. These people love revolt.

Source: Your Tango