Take a look at the inside of this tiny house, it’s incredible

Could you see yourself living in this tiny house? We certainly could!


Tiny houses are on the rise, and have been for a few years now. Have you ever taken a look inside one? You might be actually surprised at how cozy they can be, and how well organized too. Well, this is your chance!

11. The dream house?

Isn’t it funny so many people dream about having a big house with a lot of space, when some others fall in love with tiny houses?

10. Wood everywhere

The entire house is made out of wood, which gives it this rustic cabin look so many love.

9. Another point of view of the living room

Enough space to entertain quite a few guests, actually!

8. The kitchen

You could say that the kitchen has more space than most appartments in New York city. Who’s living in a tiny space now, huh?

7. Stairs

The stairs are simple yet beautiful.

6. Little Log House Company

That was only one type of tiny house. This one was 290 feet. Next, let’s see what Amazon has to offer…

5. Amazon sells these tiny houses

Yep, this is sold by Amazon at the price of $19,000. Not bad, eh?

4. A DIY home

It allegedly takes 2 days to built if you are two to build it.

3. Main area

This is what the main area looks nice. You’ll notice to ladder to access the upstairs loft.

2. Bedroom

The slanted roof is beautiful, but you will fore sure hit your head a couple times before you get used to it.

1. Tiny tiny house

This one goes for $5,350, but is only one room. More of a cabin than a tiny house, right?