His Act of Kindness Completely Changed His Life Years Later

Doing a good deed can change a person's life, no doubt about it. What if your act of kindness completely changes the course of your own life? That's what happened to a teenager.


When you do a good deed, you often receive a pat on the back or a thank you with a beautiful smile. Doing good to others is often a reward in itself, but sometimes our generosity comes back to us in a way we never imagined. What would happen if one act of compassion could change our lives and the lives of another person?

When an Idaho teenager remembers an act of kindness he did as a child, it turned his life upside down. In fact, this young man learned that not only had he changed another person’s life with this little act but that his own was about to change in a significant way as well… Here is his incredible story!

1Social media is an essential part of modern communication.

Ty Wolfe / Facebook

But when 18-year-old Tyrel Wolfe received an unusual friendship request on Facebook one afternoon, he wasn’t sure what to do with it.