10 Things Not To Order If You Go To Burger King!

Although Burger King is very popular with hamburger lovers, not all the options on its menu are a good choice. Find out why!


For a long time, people had access to only two major national chains to eat hamburgers: McDonald’s and Burger King. McDonald’s got the Big Mac and Burger King got the Whopper. Of course, it has to be said that the Florida-based chain is no longer doing as well as it used to. Indeed, the competitive fast-food market has been tough for Burger King, despite the industry’s efforts to modernize its dining rooms and equipment. It also seems that the menu is one of the problems of Burger King’s declining popularity. Much of the menu is simply unattractive and unhealthy. If you are planning a visit to your local Burger King, do yourself a favor and don’t order these dishes on the menu.

1. Burger King’s Big Fish may not be very fresh


The Big Fish is the equivalent of McDonald’s Net-O-Fish and more disappointing. There is no cheese, but there are lettuce, pickles, and tartar sauce to help you hide the taste of the breaded Alaskan pollock fillet which, most likely, has been in a heated tray for too long…

A former Burger King employee told Reddit that his restaurant “sometimes had the same 2 or 3 fish fillets in the heater for days on end”. This seems exaggerated – or at least we hope it is – but it still reveals the low popularity of the sandwich among customers. And if you hope that this confession was just a fluke, well, sorry, other employees have made similar statements about fish fillets.

2. Burger King’s Triple Stacker King contains a lot of calories


Burger King’s Single Stacker King’s is a quarter-pound filled with bacon, cheese, and a “special Stacker sauce”. This burger alone contains 700 calories. Its big brother, however, the Triple Stacker King is huge and contains more calories than any other Burger King menu product. It contains three patties, several slices of cheese and more bacon than one person should consume in a single meal. Before you get into the calorie issue, the criticism was extremely harsh with Burger King: “This hamburger is the ultimate in irresponsibility and, if it’s not taken off the menu, the food industry will do nothing to help stem the current obesity epidemic,” said Tam Fry, spokesperson for the National Forum on Obesity at the time.

The Triple Stacker King mocks these critics with its 1,370 calories of meat and cheese. Given the number of calories in this hamburger, we can hope that every bite is delicious, can’t we? Well, Brand Eating doesn’t think so. The examiner thought the hamburger was good if you just wanted to eat meat and cheese, but no more. Since the hamburger contains six slices of bacon and studies have linked the pork product to colorectal cancer, it may be better to avoid this huge burger.

3. Burger King’s Ultimate Breakfast Platter is a bad imitation of McDonald’s


The Burger King breakfast tray is made with scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, sausage patty, cookie, and pancakes. Hmm, it sounds the same as McDonald’s Big Breakfast, which is composed of…. you guessed it, scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, a sausage cake, a cookie, and pancakes. It’s probably not a coincidence. The big difference here is that the Burger King version will probably not taste the same. (Although there are a few fewer calories, which is a little positive.)

USA Today has named this dish as the most unhealthy dish on Burger King’s menu, highlighting its 2,550 milligrams of sodium. By the time you finish it, you will have already reached your recommended daily intake of sodium, sugar, and fat.

4. Burger King’s Bacon King is the king of calories, sodium, and fat


If the Triple Stacker King was not enough proof that Burger King is a proponent of adding bacon to his burgers, then look no further than this sandwich. Bacon King is made with two beef patties, a few slices of American cheese, six slices of bacon and a garnish of ketchup and mayo. As Paste points out, it is also exact – though inferior – a replica of Wendy’s popular Baconator.

5. Burger King’s chicken nuggets are strangely spongy


Fast food is often associated with being inexpensive, but there comes a time when a meal is so inexpensive that you can wonder about the quality of the product. A typical example: Burger King and it’s chicken nuggets. In 2018, the company launched a promotion offering 10 nuggets for only $1.

Burger King’s nuggets did not have much more success with Business Insider, which described them as “firm, but not crispy compared to the other options”, and did not like the “spongy texture that seems questionable”.

6. Burger King’s Rodeo King is a super salty nutritional nightmare


This burger is not original. He is only the king of bacon, except that he has a few onion rings and a little barbecue sauce. However, these few elements make this burger extremely caloric with its 1,250 calories. We hope you enjoy walking, as you would have to walk for more than five and a half hours to lose the calories in this burger. It’s a lot of work for a few extra onion rings and a little barbecue sauce in our opinion.

7. This lunch is not the best way to start the day


Since the early 1980s, Burger King has been using its Croissan’wich brand to attract a growing clientele through its doors. While Croissan’wich can take several iterations, today we will focus on its “double” form, in particular, sausage on the sausage. Although this breakfast is available with ham and sausage, as well as sausage and bacon, these are relatively light options compared to the two-sausage version. The two Double Croissan’wiches mentioned above contain only 580 calories. Even if it’s still a little heavy for a breakfast sandwich, the two-sausage version has 710 calories. That’s more calories than Burger King’s signature Whopper.

8. Burger King’s Whopper Jr. is a risky order if you want a fresh burger


It seems that Whopper Jr. is an unpopular sandwich. If the Burger King’s menu were the high school menu, Whopper Jr. would win the superlative of the “most forgettable” in the year’s album. Because it is not popular, it means that the patties used to make it are often not fresh.

9. Burger King’s Grilled Chicken Sandwich is disappointing


If you want chicken, don’t go to a restaurant called Burger King. It’s not their specialty and you’ll probably get something that will leave you disappointed.

In a demonstration of grilled chicken sandwiches, Eat This, Not That! ranked the chicken sandwich last, with the examiner stating that the taste of the chicken was “dry” and “artificial”. Since then, Burger King has replaced mayonnaise with honey mustard, but that doesn’t seem to have helped much. A YouTube reviewer said the sandwich didn’t have much flavor with only a “sparse” amount of honey mustard, noting that it also had brown lettuce and a slice of tomato that was too thin.

10. Burger King’s Impossible Whopper is not the healthiest alternative on the menu


First of all, it’s probably not a bad idea to check your hamburger patty when you order an Impossible Whopper, because it has been reported that a Brooklyn restaurant cheated customers by making them believe they were receiving a vegan Whopper when it was an ordinary beef Whopper.

Then there is the question of the sandwich itself. You might think that the Impossible Whopper is a healthier alternative to beef than Whopper, but that’s not necessarily the case. “From a health perspective, I don’t think it makes a big difference,” said Sharon Zarabi, director of the bariatric program at Lenox Hill Hospital in Healthline, adding, “I wouldn’t define it as healthier, I would rather define it as ethical. Although it has a lower cholesterol level, it contains more sodium than a traditional Whopper, with 1,240 milligrams compared to 980 milligrams in a beef Whopper.