[Photos] Why WD-40 Is Magic In Your Garden?


WD-40 is one of those items that most families keep in a closet or garden shed, but most people think that this extremely versatile product can only be used for a few things. In fact, the WD-40 would have at least 2,000 uses! If you are the kind of person who would like to have an easy way to keep your garden in good working order without all the hard work, then this magic product can help. There are so many uses that it can be difficult to follow them all.

It has many uses for your garden that will not only help prevent a lot of damage, but can actively help to grow it by acting as a repellent for particular creatures. Isn’t that crazy? If you have a shed or hammock, or your garden has grass or a patio; there are useful tricks that will make your life so much easier. So, although you’ve heard that it’s only there to stop the irritating creaking of rusty hinges on various doors, it actually has a wide variety of applications. Here are some of them!

25Keeps Your Garden Tools Free From Rust

If you spray WD-40 on one of your new garden tools, it can usually protect against the elements inside a garden shed for up to a year. If you keep your tools inside your home, they can be protected for up to two years. It can be used on just about anything you don’t want to rust or damage, from lawnmowers to garden shears.