[Photos] Why WD-40 Is Magic In Your Garden?


WD-40 is one of those items that most families keep in a closet or garden shed, but most people think that this extremely versatile product can only be used for a few things. In fact, the WD-40 would have at least 2,000 uses! If you are the kind of person who would like to have an easy way to keep your garden in good working order without all the hard work, then this magic product can help. There are so many uses that it can be difficult to follow them all.

It has many uses for your garden that will not only help prevent a lot of damage, but can actively help to grow it by acting as a repellent for particular creatures. Isn’t that crazy? If you have a shed or hammock, or your garden has grass or a patio; there are useful tricks that will make your life so much easier. So, although you’ve heard that it’s only there to stop the irritating creaking of rusty hinges on various doors, it actually has a wide variety of applications. Here are some of them!

25. Keeps Your Garden Tools Free From Rust

If you spray WD-40 on one of your new garden tools, it can usually protect against the elements inside a garden shed for up to a year. If you keep your tools inside your home, they can be protected for up to two years. It can be used on just about anything you don’t want to rust or damage, from lawnmowers to garden shears.

24. Protect Your Garden Furniture From Rust

If you have metal garden furniture, you can spray it on any part and it will be protected against rust and erosion. You can also focus on metal or work joints, such as screws or hinges that could become a massive problem if they rust. It is better to prevent these things than to try to save them.

23. Shines Outdoor Sculptures

If you have bronze sculptures in the garden, then there will also be a feast on those too; giving the bronze a brilliant glow. It doesn’t take much either! Depending on its condition, you won’t need much elbow grease since WD-40 does most of the work.

22. Keep Your Barbecue in Good Work Order

It works on everything from the gears of a roasting barbecue to the wheels, rusty screws and even the buttons of a propane barbecue. He will keep everything well maintained so that you don’t have any unpleasant surprises next summer. It’s not something you’ll want to jump, especially if your barbecue costs a small fortune, as some people can.

21. Protect the End of Your Pipe From Corrosion

You can also put the WD-40 on any part of a garden hose. This will help to clean the tar from the rubber water hoses, loosen the pumps and ensure that everything works as well as it should. He’s about the best friend of a garden hose.

20. Protects Your Snow Shovel

By spraying WD-40 on your snow shovel, you will not only protect it from the effects of snow and rust, but you will also protect it from the effects of salt that may have been deposited as a precaution. It also helps prevent heavy snow from sticking to your snow shovel, making the process much easier and more convenient.

19. Maintain Your Wheelbarrow

However, if you use WD-40, you can use it to clean the bed of the wheelbarrow, and also to protect it in the future. You can use it to shine the tires on your wheelbarrow, keep the wheels lubricated and in good working order, as well as to keep them in perfect condition. Your wheelbarrow will last much longer with a little WD-40 TLC.

18. Spray on Your Padlocks to Prevent Them From Freezing

This probably doesn’t happen very often in most places, but if you live in a place where it is incredibly cold in winter, then this is the perfect preventive measure you can take to make sure everything is fine.

17. Remove the Sap From the Trees of the Shears

It is practically made for the job, since it is able to cut through anything that can be difficult to get out. The best part is that you will strengthen the protection of your elements by spraying your WD-40 on your garden tools. So, if you have tree sap on your shears, it’s as simple as a small amount of WD-40 to remove this irritating disorder from your tools.

16. Repellent for Snails and Slugs

By spraying it on the edges of your planter, it will make the surface too slippery for slugs or snails to cling to. It is a perfect preventive measure against these pests. If you have wooden planters or even pots, then he will feed it at the same time.

15. Prevent Mould on a Wooden Patio Table

If you want to prevent mould on any wooden patio furniture, or you feel like you have something similar that is exposed to the elements, then you can give it a go. It is much better to provide these things with the care and protection they need before it is too late.

14. Use It on Pool Furniture in Winter

So why not put in the extra few minutes it takes to spray some of the good stuff? This way, it does not rot or break during the winter months when stored. Then it will be almost as good as new for next year!

13. Seals Wood With a Beautiful Finish

Fortunately, if you have a WD-40 box, you are lucky because this miracle product is an excellent choice for sealing wood with a glossy finish. It is a simple way to ensure that your wood remains protected from the elements and retains its natural finish. You’ll buy several boxes in no time.

12. Spray Into Pavement Cracks to Prevent Weeds

Just spray a little WD-40 on the pavement cracks. Weeds will not like it, and it prevents them from growing through them. You may have to keep an eye on them, and maybe even reapply, but it’s a quick and easy way to prevent them from growing again.

11. Removes Berry Stains on Patio Furniture

Although it may seem strangely specific at the moment, wait until you put blueberries in it and run to the cabinet to find your WD-40 box. You will be happy to have known what he could do, by getting rid of these notoriously difficult berry stains.

10. Removes Dirt From Motorized Equipment

The best way to use it is to spray it before using it, as it prevents anything that could stick to it, such as grass or wood chips. However, if you forget, and the act is done, then give it a good spray afterwards because it will always be very effective in helping to clean and maintain these tools.

9. Prevents Rust on Terrace Screws

It also keeps the screws in good condition and healthy, so that the furniture does not fall into itself when someone uses it. You can use it on screws for a variety of other outdoor equipment to ensure that disassembly is easy and that the object itself is well maintained. It keeps items in better condition and will last even in the harshest winters.

8. Spray on Stored Flower Pots to Prevent Them From Sticking

This way, you won’t have to worry about finding extra space, but you won’t have to worry about pulling or breaking your plant pots either. You can apply it to almost anything you need to stack to keep it in storage. In fact, if you store something in the garden, it may generally be useful to do so only for conservation properties.

7. Spray on Chalk Lines

There are lots of different ways to use it; play with chalk of different colours, define parking space settings, maintain a cute chalk drawing of the children, and so on. There are many uses for chalk and the WD-40 is an excellent way to make them last a little longer.

6. Prevents Wooden Handles From Splintering

The wooden handles of the tools can dry out, rot and even break. To prevent a wooden handle tool from splitting, you can simply apply a little WD-40 to coat the wood with a protective layer. You can apply it to most tools, especially essential gardening tools, from wooden rakes and shovels to garden scissors.

5. Spray on the Swivel Hooks to Avoid Squeaking

This will help you avoid things starting to “bang” in the night, the strange rusty sound of the wind will disappear, and you can enjoy an evening without worrying about what might be outside your window.

4. Turn the Wheels of the Lawnmower Smoothly

You can spray it on the wheels of your lawnmower to rotate them without worrying about rust build-up. It can also clean the blades of the lawnmower, and you can spray it on all rusty parts if they need to be loosened. There are always parts of a lawn mower that need attention, and WD-40 can help you!

3. Stop the Mould on an Outdoor Fountain

So, all you need to do is spray a reasonable amount of WD-40 to ensure that your outdoor fountain stays as perfectly clean as you want it to be. Now your fountain can look great all year round, without fear of mould or rust.

2. Keep Insects Away From Your Plants in a Cage

One way to keep insects away from your precious plants is to spray WD-40 on a wire tomato cage – but don’t spray it directly on your plants! Insects will not want to get near your products. Obviously, not all plants can be kept in metal cages, but if insects are real pests in your garden, then it is worth a try.

1. Stop a Hammock From Squeaking

Just a spray of a WD-40 canister will help stop this problem in its tracks, giving you a relaxing hammock experience without squeaking and relaxing. The same applies to moving garden swings and outdoor garden furniture.