Hair color trends for a refreshing look!

Need a change? Why not dye your hair in one of these 10 fabulous colours? They are so beautiful that you will want to try them all!


There are so many trends in hair colors that you may be tempted to try a new one every month! Indeed, this year, celebrities are parading on the red carpet with buttery blond hair, purple hair or even coloured hair in sexy brown shades. Do like them and let yourself be seduced by one of the sublime colours we present to you!

10A blond with contrasts

Selena Gomez’s surprising transformation will certainly inspire many women to do the same, from brunette to blonde, but what sets her apart from other blonde-dyed celebrities is her roots that have remained brown and her eyebrows still dark. The intentional contrast is both pretty and practical, as it will allow her hair to grow with less maintenance.