The 20 Best and Worst Things to Buy at Sam’s Club

Here is what you should put in your cart and what you should skip in order to save as much money as possible next time you go to Sam's Club.


Warehouse superstores tend to be packed on Sundays… And every other day of the week. Sam’s Club is no exception. And why wouldn’t people love to shop there? By paying the affordable annual membership fee, a savvy shopper can have access to unbelievably good deals on everything from electronics to food and auto parts. And while the low prices for these items sold bulk can help families save more, not everything found at Sam’s Club is a good deal. Here are 10 things you should be throwing in that big blue cart, and 10 others you should skip.

20Buy: Charcoal

Save yourself a couple trip to the store this summer and stack up on charcoal at Sam’s Club. You might even save a few bucks in the process. Besides, stored in a dry place, they can last indefinitely.