20 Hairstyles Ideas That Will Make You Look 10 Years Younger

These ideas includes short or medium-length hair.Here are 20 modern hairstyle ideas that will help you feel and look glowing.


Seeking for a new hairstyle while keeping a look appropriate to your age? Here are different trending cuts that will definitely make you younger. These ideas includes short or medium-length hair.

Here are 20 modern hairstyle ideas that will help you feel and look glowing.

20. The Robin Wright’s Style


Robin Wright’s stylist knows how to make a cut that emphasizes the feminine look. If your hair is naturally straight, this is a perfect cut for you.

19. A Little Lightness


With a light hair styling product like gel, you will get the effect sought by this cut.

18. Adding Texture To The Length


This hairstyle offers just the right amount of texture to thicker hair.

17. Short And Fearless


Want a short cut? This straight and textured style will give you a dreamy look. There are also other ways to wear it as with a longer length around the ears.

16. The Layer-Styled


Having a lot of layers added to your cut can make your styling process a lot easier. This cut reaches the neck, but it will not stop around your chin. For more style, wrap strips of hair an inch around a medium-sized curling iron, moving them away from your face.

15. The Classic Bob


This cut is perfect for fine hair. It gives a youthful look and simplifies life every morning.

14. No Hair In The Face


Having short hair does not mean having only one option for style. This cut is easy for textured hair with plenty of natural volume. Use a little gel or spray to back off the sides.

13. Highlight-Styled


Having highlights is very fashionable this year. Try this ombre look to give you a bit of brightness.

12. Asymmetric


This asymmetric cut slightly defeated the classic looks. Add some waves for a younger look just like Taraji and proudly wear it.

11. The Flipping-Styled


Be a little fancy and do small flips with your hair. You can do it with a simple flat iron in seconds.

10. The Redhead Look


Red is a color that rejuvenates a lot. If you have a mid-length cut, you will be resplendent.

9. Shoulder-length Waves


This style can instantly transform an average cut. Start by curling your hair and spend your fingers in your curls after you curled everything to get the wavy look.

8. Shoulder Length Peek-a-boo


Heidi Klum is magnificent with this bang and her hair half-length.

7. Down To The Shoulders

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If you have longer hair, try to a shorter look something like this.

6. Audrey Hepburn-esque Pixie


This cut is an updated version of a very famous cut used by Dorothy Hamill in the 1970s. It is best for thick hair that is heated with a flat iron.

5. The Curled Bang


A simple cut that’s instantly elevated by a little curl in the face-framing strands. It’s one five-minute curling iron trick that’ll make a *world* of difference.

4. Mid-length Curled

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For straight or wavy hair, the layers that strike the clavicle are perfect to softening the face. The layers add movement and depth to your hair, making it thicker.

3. Dip-dye Highlights


The dip-dye highlights right at the ends of her strands add a perfect little pop of color to this wavy look.

2. The Side Bang


The fringes on the side are gorgeous and give you a more youthful appearance.

1. Long and flat


The long and flat style will never be out of fashion. Try it if you have thick hair.

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