6 Fashionable Tips That Will Make You Look Taller

You think you are too small? Try out these 6 fashionable styling tips to refine your size and look taller. You will be amazed at the result.


We’ve all been dreaming to wear trending outfits like top models do, unfortunately, all fashion trends do not go well with all types of morphologies. That is why, when a woman wears fashionable clothes as if made for her, another woman may find herself literally “shortened” by them.
We decided to show you how to avoid such a thing. Here are 6 simple ways to appear taller and slimmer with trending clothes.

1. Pick the Right Accessories and Shoes

The easiest way to get taller is to wear high heels. The color of your shoes is also making a difference: any shoe of neutral color will make your legs longer, while black shoes, especially those with high lacing, will make your legs smaller.

2. Pay Attention to Striped Prints

Look at the example, you can see that you should not wear striped clothing (currently fashionable) without having thought. Horizontal stripes add volume. A striped top with a monotone noon skirt, on the contrary, will lengthen your shape.

3. Pick the Right Jeans and Purse According to Your Weight

If you have a smaller size and you wear shortened jeans, they can make you even smaller. Combine these jeans with high-heeled shoes and an urban top. The high waist jeans can also help you adjust your size and look bigger.
Pay attention to the size of your bag. The best choice for smaller women is a small bag (no more than ten inches wide). A fashionable shopping bag will make your image heavier.

Try Palazzo Pants

Dynamite Clothing

Palazzo pants are a great way to hide high heels or platform shoes while making your legs much longer and making you taller. Try to choose simple styles. A simple top with high waist pants is a combination that has been in fashion for many seasons. This trick will bring out your legs. If you chose a sweater or blouse, you could wear a thin belt or, as in our example, put it in the pants.

4. Try the Pencil Skirt

Papaya Clothing

They make you much thinner and taller. Add a white shirt or a blouse, it will help you, so always have one handy..

Wear Blouse Properly

Wear a belt and roll your sleeves. The perfect length for smaller women is 3/4. Also, try to choose a single-tone folder.

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