How Safe Is Plastic Kitchenware? Learn All About It Here!

Your plastic kitchenware might be more affordable than your neighbour's stainless steel kitchen tools, but it might also be making you sick.


Most people use plastic kitchenware to cook because it’s inexpensive and works well. You can buy these pretty much anywhere where cooking supplies are sold. Heat and microwave-proof, how safe are these plastic cooking utensils? Discover if you should keep or throw away your plastic kitchenware.

1. What is plastic?


Made from many organic polymers, plastic is a synthetic material used for pretty much anything. Types of plastic include PVC, nylon, BPA, polyethylene, etc. Plastic can be moulded in any shape or form, which is why so many household items are made out of this material.

2. Is BPA safe?

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BPA is one of the most prevalent chemicals used since it is in almost every kind of plastic consumer goods. This chemical is what makes plastic hard. Chronic illnesses like cancer, diabetes and heart disease have all been linked to BPA.

3. What about phthalates?


A group of endocrine-disruption chemicals, phthalates make soft plastic (i.e. cups, cosmetics and fragrances). Just like BPA, being exposed to phthalates can result in breast cancer, male fertility issues, autism, type 11 diabetes, ADHD, asthma and a low IQ.

4. And vinyl chloride?


Mostly used to make things like light plastic materials like shower curtains, it can also cause cancer.

5. And styrene?

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A possible cause for cancer, styrene is used to make things like egg cartons, disposable cups and plates, styrofoam food trays and opaque plastic cutlery.

6. How do these harmful chemicals enter our bodies?


There are many ways in which these harmful chemicals enter our bodies. Swallowing, smelling and even touching them can result in them entering our bodies. However, it is mostly when the chemicals from the plastic are released because of wear and tear, chemical reactions or heat.

7. What should you do with your plastic kitchenware?


No, your plastic kitchenware is not very safe, especially if it gets damaged and the chemicals get released. The components in the plastic won’t harm you right away, but they will have an effect on your body at some point in your life. One of the scariest things about plastic is that there haven’t been enough studies on the subject to know the extent of their damage on our bodies. You might want to think about switching your plastic kitchenware to stainless steel or wood.

Source: Active Feel