Become A Genius And Impress Your Friends With These 15 Amazing Tricks

The daily life is sometimes breathtaking and asking. A chance, some tricks exist to make our life easier. Here are 15 tricks to try absolutely!


Life can sometimes be very stressful and exhausting. Indeed, we have so much to do! We have to go to work, take care of the house, take care of the children, try to take time for ourselves and our spouse in addition to planning all the daily and weekly chores. It is therefore normal to look for tricks and tricks in order to save time and make life easier. Fortunately, these famous tricks exist and are much more present than we think. Here are 15 which, we hope, will make your daily life much easier.

1. Cover the springs of your trampoline with pool noodles.

Reddit | Asho777

Doesn’t it look good too ?

For a perfect breakfast sandwich, put a few drops of water in a coffee mug with a whole egg in the microwave for one minute!

Reddit | stygarfield

You will not want to eat anything else after having tasted this sandwich.

2. Place a bin for magnetic items on the front of your refrigerator so you never lose those useful kitchen tools.

Reddit | GamecubeAdopter

3. So that your apple slices do not become brown, put them in a Ziploc bag and add a little lemon juice.

Reddit | carbearnara

4. To find the appropriate booklet quickly and easily, write your course number on top.

Reddit | Jacobr196

5. Stove grills make good cooling racks.

Reddit | josuenmercado

6. Cook to pizza at the same time!


This stuff can however cause a 15 lb …

7. If you assemble furniture, use a muffin pan to arrange small pieces.

Reddit | SassLipsKris

8. Fix your broken keyboard.

Reddit | rocky190

9. You can use your camera to test if your infrared remote controls are working properly.

Reddit | Hoppse88

This will be very useful if your problem concerns the receiver that can not take the signal.

10. Some people claim that you can regain the shine of chrome accessories by rubbing wet aluminum foils on your objects.

Reddit | kimz_nuts

11. Warm up your lip balm effectively.

Reddit | ZMoney187

12. Enjoy your television on the bunk with this stuff of genius.

Imgur | byronshell

13. Use these removable hooks to secure this garbage bag.

Reddit | bobret

14. If you need a bright screen for your art projects, fold a clear tray upside down and use the flashlight on your phone to create one!

Reddit | eddiethellama