Bread clips are multi-functional! Here’s how to reuse them

You will probably see thousands of bread clips in your lifetime. Instead of throwing them out in the garbage, reuse them and tell your friends, family members and colleagues to do the same. You never expected how useful they can be. Discover these 9 clever and handy ways to make the most of your reused bread clips.


Since they are so small, plastic bread clips are often thrown out in the garbage instead of put in the recycling bin. However, these little clips are actually multi-functional and should stay OUT of the garbage. Start the habit of collecting yours whenever you purchase bread and finish a new bag of sliced bread, bagels, hamburger and hot dog buns and so on. If you don’t eat a lot of carbs, don’t like bread or are allergic to gluten so you can still beneficiate from all the tricks you do with those useful clips even if there is not a crumb of bread in sigh in your home.

And if you do, feel free to share these tips with people around you so they too can start collecting clips and use them to create all these useful things. Here are 9 reasons to keep your bread clips.

1. Untangle your headphones

Earphones always get tangled up into a million knots. When you want to listen to music, you’re stuck untangling them for a good five minutes. We have a solution for you: roll them like you normally would but then secure them with the bread clip so they never get tangled again.

2. Mark tape ends

Finding where the tape begins is quite annoying. Make this a hassle-free process by marking the end with a bread clip.

3. Bookmark

Don’t have a bookmark? No problem! A bread clip will do the job.

4. Key label


If you have tons of keys, you know how annoying it gets to find which one fits with which lock. Make this process easier by labelling all your keys with bread clips. You can write down a word or two on the clip to make it even easier for you.

5. Identify cables

Clear the clutter with bread clips. Never pull the wrong cable behind your television again by clipping bread clips on each cable.

6. Charging holders

With tape or glue, secure a couple of bread clips on your desk to keep your charging cables organized.

7. Never lose socks again

Washing machines and socks do not make a good match for some reason. Everyone loses at least one or two socks in their lifetime. Keep your socks from disappearing by clipping them together before you put them in the washing machine.

8. Name tag on drink

Having a dinner party requires making sure all your guests have something to drink. However, the moment someone puts down their glass, it can get confusing as to who’s glass it was. Instead of doing twice the dishwashing, add bread clips with your guests’ names so everyone stays happy.

9. Save your flip flops

Flip flops are a summer essential. They and practical, affordable and can easily fit in your beach bag. If someone steps on the back of your flip flop and it breaks (ugh), don’t throw them out and buy new ones. Attach a bread clip at the bottom of your flip flip. It will be good as new.

Source: Daily Goals