10 popular beauty trends of 2019

Do you collect beauty products like some collect shoes? Here are 10 trends you'll love!


Beauty is an important aspect of our lives. It is therefore normal that we want to know what the main trends are in this area, especially if we collect beauty products like some people collect shoes. One way to find out what’s in fashion is to browse through the different pins of Pinterest. This gives you a good idea of the colours to adopt for your manicure or new trendy haircuts. Here are 10 beauty trends that you will see everywhere this year according to Pinterest.

10. An intense and voluminous look

This year again, we wear the eyebrows provided, but opt for very large eyelashes. Feel free to have false eyelashes applied or to use tricks to get an intense look at all times.

9. A new product is invading the cosmetics market

According to Pinterest and Internet users, oil is a very trendy product. Indeed, it invades the cosmetics market to bring unprecedented softness to our skin and give us smooth and silky hair. In addition, it allows us to have beautiful, sparkling lips. It is, without a doubt, a product to have in your bathroom.

8. A wide variety of foundations

If you’ve always had trouble finding the right foundation shade for your skin, you should no longer have any problems. In fact, the foundation now integrates all shades of tones. Gone are the days when foundation existed in only three shades!

7. Pixie or not?

There are two main trends for hair, either you let it grow longer to have a sublime mane, or you choose an attractive short pixie. In any case, you can fully assume your hair! You can find some ideas of hair colors to adopt with your trendy cut in the article Here are 30 trendy hair colors for the summer of 2018.

6. Dermaroller

Have you heard of the “dermaroller”? This glazed object made with jade or pink quartz is the new object that all beauty enthusiasts are looking for. With its micro-needles, it stimulates the production of collagen on the skin of the face, which aims to reduce spots, fine lines and scars.

5. We opt for a package

Stop buying individual eye shadows. Instead, get a set. This will save you a lot of money and give you the opportunity to learn new make-up techniques (e.g. smookey eyes).

4. A colorful lip balm

If you’re not the type to wear lipstick, but you want a little color on your lips, you can always choose the tinted lip balm. This will guarantee you a natural result while lightly colouring your lips.

3. Abuse your iron

Whether you like curls, slightly wavy hair or hair that is plastered backwards, this type of hairstyle is very trendy according to Pinterest. Indeed, you will look both elegant and bold. Keep your straightening iron handy.

2. Cover your nails with graphics

If you like to cover your nails with nail polish, you love this trend of customizing them with geometric patterns. It is certain that everyone will notice your sublime manicure.

1. Be luminous

This year, we stand out by shining bright and vivid colors on our eyes. We can put them under the eye or apply them to our eyelids. The important thing is to go in bright tones.