10 inspirations for a simple wedding

If you plan to get married soon and don't want to spend a fortune on your cake or decorations, here are some ideas to try!


If you are planning to get married soon, you probably know that a marriage requires some money to be spent. Indeed, you can rarely get away with it at the bottom of the four digits. Fortunately, some tips can help you save a certain amount of money and make your wedding a low-budget festive event.

10. Organize your wedding in a holiday rental

Booking your wedding in a traditional venue can cost you thousands of dollars and often you will have to buy alcohol, food and rent party supplies from the room’s preferred suppliers instead of choosing your own supplies. Instead, rent a large house for a few days on Airbnb for example by making sure to ask the owners if you can host an event there. Doing this can also save your family money on hotel stays if the house has several rooms.

9. Buy your flowers in bulk

Why not buy your flowers in bulk in a store like Costco instead of buying them from the local florist? Not only will you save a lot of money, but you can also get free shipping if you buy for a certain amount.

8. Avoid the words “wedding” and “honeymoon” when booking suppliers

Say that you are planning a party or looking for a romantic holiday when you are researching for catering and hairdressing services and asking for estimates. Whenever you mention the word “marriage”, expect prices to increase. In addition, do not look for holiday offers online with the word “honeymoon”.

7. Buy instead of renting, then resell

When it comes to table linens, table settings, and decor, you are better off buying rather than renting. Renting long tablecloths can cost you up to $25 each at most event rental companies. On Amazon, you can buy them for only $9. When the wedding is over, simply sell them individually.

6. Buy at the store for $1

Accessories such as napkins or candles can easily be purchased at the store for $1.

If you are a little manual, you can do miracles with Mason pots, strings, hot glue and some plastic flowers. All you have to do is be original and creative.

Pinterest is definitely your best friend for this step.

5. Make DIY decorations with paper

You can save money by making part of your decorations. For example, you can make paper pom-poms and hang them up after garlands or tree branches.

4. Transform a grocery cake by adding fresh flowers

All you need is a bouquet of flowers, a store-bought cake, straws, tape and parchment paper. Place a piece of wax or parchment paper on the top icing, and cut the stems to fit the length of the shortened straws. Insert the flower stems through the straws and voilà!

3. Make your own list of songs to play and ask a friend to be the DJ at your wedding

All you need is a Spotify account full of your favorite songs, a laptop, decent speakers, and a microphone to set up your own DJ booth. Then ask a friend to offer you his or her DJ skills as a wedding gift.

2. Create your own entertainment at your reception

Set up garden games such as a giant tic-tac-toe game or pocket games to entertain guests.

1. Serve doughnuts or strawberries coated with chocolate instead of traditional wedding cake

Not only are doughnuts and strawberries cheaper, but you don’t have to pay your caterer to cut and serve the cake.