18 Surprising Uses You Should Try With The Tiger Balm

Le baume du tigre est depuis longtemps connu pour aider à soulager les symptômes du rhume, mais vous serez étonnés de toutes ses autres utilités.


The Tiger balm is an indispensable for several uses on the Asian continent since it is really useful to everything! You probably already know its effects against rheumatic or muscular pains, for colds and migraines. There are some other balms brand that are only pale copies of the tiger balm, but the real Tiger Balm is definitely the most effective one.

The Grandmother’s Tips site reveals the 18 most surprising uses of this balm.

1. How to apply the balm

Although the quality of the balm is important, a good way to apply it is also essential. Because of its high content of camphor, it should absolutely not swallow it. Also, using it on the mucous membranes can cause a very painful burning sensation, so you better avoid these places.

Unlike any other cream, do not try to make the balm penetrate into your skin by massaging it. Take a nut of the balm in your pot and rub it very quickly on the problem area. As soon as you feel heat, stop and let the balm act. Repeat if necessary and make sure to wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.

2. Soothes mosquito bites

If you want to effectively relieve your itch from mosquito bites, just apply tiger balm directly to the bitten area and massage gently for a few minutes. The urge to scratch yourself should disappear quickly.

3. Insect repellent

Crédit: Astuces de grand-mère

Thanks to the camphor, the menthol and the eucalyptus it contains, the tiger’s balm release an unpleasant odor that insects will want to flee. All you have to do is place small pots of balsam everywhere in the corners of your house and you’re done!

4. Against termites

Crédit: Astuces de grand-mère

If you have furniture being under attacked by termites, put a few tiger balms in the holes of the furniture and it will kill them.

5. Against rheumatism

If you suffer from rheumatism, you only have to apply balm on sore areas or in the bottom of your back for quick relief. Apply as often as necessary.

6. Remove paint stains on your skin

If you have paint stains on you, put some tiger balm on a rag and rub the stain a few moments. You will see the paint dissolve little by little.

7. Against sweat and body odor

If you are the type to sweat easily and you are constantly afraid of bad body odors, apply balm regularly on the specific areas. This replaces the bad odor of perspiration with a fresh menthol smell.

8. Help with diarrhea and constipation

If you suffer from diarrhea, just rub a little balm of the tiger around your navel to be relieved. After applying the balm, cover your navel with your hand for a few minutes to spread the heat. For best effectiveness, apply balm on your tailbone and on the anal area by not lowering too much, to avoid irritations.

9. Against sore throat

As soon as a sore throat is felt, apply balm on your neck and rub with the palm of your hand. You will feel a different the very next day, your sore throat will be completely cured or, at least, will be relieved. For better efficiency, you can put a scarf in order to spread the heat.

10. Against Tooth Rabies

If you suffer from toothache, use a clean cloth to apply a thin layer of balm to the painful area. Be careful not to swallow.

11. To relieve light burns and blisters

Crédit: Astuces de grand-mère



As soon as you notice the bulb or the burn, apply a light layer of balm on it to ease the pain and facilitate healing.

12. Against the corns at the foot

If you suffer from corns on feet, apply tiger balm on it between 1 and 3 times a day. Make sure to put the balm directly on the horn and massage it well to make it warm.

13. Against headaches

If a headache occurs, apply balm on your temples. If the pain is very great, repeat the procedure.

14. Open up a stuffy nose

Thanks to its strong smell, the tiger balm is perfect to relieve a stuffy nose. Just apply it under your nostrils and breathe deeply!

15. To avoid motion sickness

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If you have motion sickness and want to prevent nausea, apply balm on your lips before leaving.

16. To help breathing

If you are athletic, you should do like the German players and apply balm on your chest aligned to the bronchi. Thus, you will relieve the pain caused by running and will breathe better.

17. To take off stickers

Crédit: Astuces de grand-mère

You just have to rub on a sticker to make it disappear quickly. This will leave no residue.

18. Against cold feet

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Put balm on your feet to increase blood circulation. The warm-cold effect created by the balm will facilitate circulation and your feet will warm up in no time.

19. To deodorize a shoe closet

Crédit: Astuces de grand-mère

If your shoe closet has accumulate a bad smell, you only have to put an open pot of tiger balm in the bottom of your closet. This will eliminate bad odors.

Source: Astuces de grand-mère