6 Brands Ham You Need to Avoid At The Grocery Store

Specialists have analyzed salt, water and additive percentages of several brands of ham and have retained 6 that you should avoid consuming.


Ham is a simple, fast, economical and delicious solution to garnish your sandwiches and salads. However, dieticians and nutritionists would like to remind you that it is very important to look at the labels of the products and be safe because a group of these specialists compared over 400 Specialties of charcuterie and concluded some brands ham are selling you bad quality that could reverse in bad effects on your health.

Be Careful With Polyphosphates

Several different sausages contain these, and these are industrial additives which increase the water holding capacity and retard rancidity. Experts say that a product containing them is richer in water, and therefore lower in meat. Moreover, your diet already brings you a good amount of polyphosphates, which are also the cause of several cardiovascular, bone and renal diseases. It is therefore advisable to ingest as little as possible.

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6 Products to Avoid

The experts advise you to opt for hams labeled “superior quality” to avoid as much as possible the consumption of products that could be harmful to your health. They contain more noble foods and considerably fewer additives. However, be careful since some contain too much glucose, which can also become harmful to your health.

Be sure to avoid low-end hams, including:

  • The roast pork cooked 100% filet of Fleury Michon: It contains 2 additives and 1.9g of salt
  • Herta’s Smoked ham: it contains also 2 additives and 2.8g of salt. Its smoky side also probably provides potentially carcinogenic products.
  • The Emmental Ham of Fleury Michon: Basically, it is cheese with phosphates, surrounded by two slices of a paste made of ham and stuffed with sugar.
  • Ham without rind of Carrefour: it contains 25% water and has too much salt.
  •  Herta’s smoked ham in dice: It contains too much salt and water, polyphosphates and preservatives. Really, it only contains 86% ham.
  • Cooked Ham of Bonjour Campagne:It contains too much glucose and 2.6g of salt


What Should You Pick?

According to the guide The good choice in the supermarket, published in 2016 and based on the studies of these experts, opt for hams low in salt and rich in omega-3. Also favorise those with the words “superior” and “ham of choice”.

Source: Medisite