I Had a Stubborn Stain on My Favorite White T-shirt and My Neighbour Told Me to Try This Stuff

Have you ever tried to clean desperately the spots wine or tomato's sauce on your white t-shirt? If the answer is yes, you know it's not easy!


You should no longer be afraid of any stain on your favorite white t-shirt because there is a simple and easy way to clean them and make your clothes totally white again.

Here are the most effective ways to clean white clothes and remove stubborn stains:


My neighbour recommended me the following trick after hearing me complaining about stubborn stains I couldn’t remove from my favorite white clothing.

Add 6 crushed aspirins in a bowl of water. Then, soak the clothes in the mixture for 30 minutes, then wash them with the detergent you usually use. This will cleanse all stains and make your clothes whiter.