Discover how to clean synthetic resin and acrylic outdoor furniture

Are you ashamed of what your outdoor furniture looks like? We have tips to clean your synthetic resin or acrylic furniture so they look brand new again.


Your synthetic resin or acrylic furniture certainly not the same colour when you take them out of the shed for the first time in early spring. In fact, if your furniture was white when you placed them in your shed at the end of the summer, they probably have yellowed or worse. Thankfully, you can clean them with the help of a few easy tricks. To have them gleaming white like in their early days, here’s what you need to do.

1Mild soap

Simply take a bucket of water with a mild soap. If necessary, add a few drops of vinegar. These 3 items should be perfect for basic household cleaning. To scrub, choose a soft bristle brush OR a simple toothbrush that you no longer use.