Why You Should Not Insert A Wasp Nest In Your Vagina, Even Though Some Say You Should

You may find online sources telling women to put wasp nest in their vagina. Do no follow these strange advices as some women do.


Now, you might think, “Wait, why are women inserting dried insect houses into their genitals?” “What is this doing?” Should I try?

First of all, you should never try this. Some women do, because, according to an online salesperson, this nest helps tighten the vagina, reduce losses and eliminate odors and itch. Even if you are reading this text right now and do not come back, you say that if this text exists, there are actually women who have tried it.

It is aa advice sold online that you can easily be found and that is sold in large quantities … Disturbing!

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This may, in fact, be true. But Dr. Gunter explains that drying and / or tightening your vagina are definitely not a good plan, medically or sexually. Drying your natural vaginal secretions makes your vagina more likely to suffer damage during sex and kills the protective mucous layer. In addition to making sex painful, scientific studies show that a dry and unprotected vagina also presents a higher risk of HIV transmission.

The problem about the products that dry and tighten your vagina is that they make women believe that there is something wrong with a wet vagina, which is absolutely not the case. As Dr. Gunter says, “Here’s a tip, if something burns when you apply it to the vagina, it’s usually bad.”

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