Waking Up Between 3 AM and 5 AM Means a Lot More Than You Think

Waking up every night at the same time can mean several things, according to which of your organs is at this time regulated by the meridian energy.


Many people suffer from sleep disorders. These can be caused by various factors related to stress, age, fatigue, medication or alcohol use, but there are many other factors that you do not know. Find out why you keep waking up at the same time every night!

The state of your mind can easily be revealed by your sleep cycle. Do you wake up every night at the same time? If so, there is an explanation!

Holistic by Nature

The Human Body, a Complex System

Your body is a complex energy system and the slightest dysfunction of this system results in physical troubles. The physique and energies that run through your body work together. This is where the term “energy meridians” comes from, in traditional Chinese medicine, where acupuncture and acupressure are practiced.

All these energetic channels contained in the body are linked to a biological clock and they represent an energizing force for each part of your body throughout the day.

According to chronobiology, this phenomenon of energy distribution would operate on a 24-hour cycle, divided into twelve parts of about two hours each. During these different parts, the energy in your body moves from one organ to another, thus regulating the biological and behavioral functions of the body. If this cycle is out of order, you may suffer from sleep disorders and severe physiological disturbances, causing you to wake up.

The organs being all interdependent, it is possible to locate the organ that gives you a sign of warning by waking you according to the time at which the energy should be there.

1. Between 9 pm and 11 pm: A Sign of Stress

In general, it is the period when people go to bed. A difficulty falling asleep between these hours means you are experiencing an excess of stress. You might want to try meditation, mantras and relaxation exercises to help you relax and fall asleep faster.

Source: Santé+ Magazine

2. Between 11 pm and 1 am: A Sign of Emotional Disappointment

During this period, traditional Chinese medicine explains that the meridian energy is found in the gall bladder. Waking up at this time would mean an emotional disappointment. To remedy this, it is advisable to work on yourself, both in terms of forgiveness and self-acceptance.

3. Between 1 am and 3 am: A Sign of Anger

At this time, the energy was directed towards the liver. A wakening could then mean anger and excess yang energy. To make you sleep and be at peace, traditional Chinese medicine proposes that you take possession of what makes you angry and that you drink a glass of fresh water. You should then go back to sleep peacefully.

4. Between 3 am and 5 am: A Sign That Your Inner Superior Power

Your meridian energy, at this moment, is connected to your lungs and emotions of sadness. Waking up at this hour is a sign that your superior power is sending you an alert cry to guide you towards your goals. In order to regain sleep and complete your night in peace, you should do breathing exercises and a prayer.

5. Between 5 am and 7 am: A Sign of Emotional Blockages

Here, your big intestine is involved. Waking up between these two hours means that you have emotional blockages in the meridian energy of the gall bladder. You should do stretches or go to the toilet to help you get back to sleep.


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