9 Surprising Tricks You Could Do With Your Swiffer To Save Time

Vous avez un Swiffer chez vous? Cet objet ne sert pas qu'à laver votre plancher! Voici 9 choses pratiques que vous pouvez faire avec cet article ménager.


We all use our Swiffer when our floor is dirty and sticky. This is a very useful cleaning item, that goes without saying.

But the mop and magic rags of the Swiffer are practical to solve many other cleaning problems, not just those concerning the floors.

Indeed, you can, among other things, prepare your walls to be painted with this useful object. Here are 8 other things you can do with a Swiffer!

1. Sweep the mold off the bathroom ceiling


Since the bathroom is damp, mold tends to build up. Rather than step out the ladder and clean the surfaces by hand, take your swiffer: soak the cushion with a solution of bleach and water to perform this chore.

Get your wall ready before painting.


The long handle of your Swiffer allows to clean your wall, from the plinth to the molding of the crown, without difficulty. Danielle Smith, owner of Detroit Maid, uses wet rags to clean deeper spaces. With a clean surface, the paint will dry better.

Clean the corners of your car


A dry cloth Swiffer is a practical, flexible, waterproof and dustproof tool that can adapt to narrow spaces. Use it to get rid of the crumbs of food left by children or dust accumulated in the nooks and crannies.

2. Find (and pick up) small metal objects


If you have already escaped an earring, you know it is frustrating to try to find it – it can even be stuck in your vacuum cleaner. Yumi Sakugawa, who looks after Wonder How To’s, suggests attaching a magnetic sheet to the bottom of your Swiffer mop to find a metal object in just a few minutes.

3. Clean the bathroom shelves


Wipe the glass surfaces with a dry cloth to remove the thin layer of dust that always appears in your bathroom, suggests Maeve Richmond, founder of Maeve’s Method.

4. Remove spider webs

Good Housekeeping

Use a Swiffer to reach the cobwebs in the corners at height.

5. Remove lint from your dryer


“Use a Swiffer sheet to clean the plush of your dryer,” says Maria Vizzi, president of Indoor Environmental Solutions. “This prevents lint from entering your dryer duct,” which is an important way to avoid house fires. Rizzi also recommends using your sweeper to dust hard-to-reach areas around your machine to further reduce lint and dust.


6. Access the corners of your shelves

7. Clean your fake plants.

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