10 Makeup Tips to Make You Look 10 Years Younger

Getting old ain’t always fun, especially when wrinkles start to show up. See how makeup can be your best friend and make you look 10 years younger.


There are many ways you can look younger, including daily care, sports, nutrition, cosmetic surgery and, of course, cosmetics. This last option is a very economic tip since makeup can be purchased at a really cheap price and can be really effective.

However, the ability of applying makeup is not gifted to everyone. Without makeup tips, it can be really easy to fall into the wrong path. As you are getting older, your skin is getting more mature and requires adapted products. There are also ways to apply makeup that can make you look younger.

Here are 10 easy makeup tips to look younger.

1. The right kind of foundation.


It is critical to choose a foundation that fits with your natural skin tone. A product that is too light will give the impression that you are sick. While, too dark one will harden your traits and make you look older.

Concealer should be your best friend!


Choose a creamy, moisturizing concealer that is lighter than your foundation. This product will not only allow you to hide your dark spots but also illuminate the underside of your eye and the surrounding areas.

Make your eyes pop.

Fight the effects of age with a lengthening mascara. This will stretch your eyelashes and bend them upward, thus opening your eyes.


2. Avoid powder products

With age, it is beneficial to opt for products with a moisturizing texture (creamy blush, cream or liquid foundation and creamy under eye concealer) to give a shinier look to the skin. There are many products on the market adapted for mature skin. Know that the more hydrated skin is, younger it looks.

Illuminate the right parts.


Add light to your face with a touch of illuminator concealer in specific areas such as the eyebrow arch, the inner corner of the eye, in the cupidon arch, on the chin hollow and on the side of your nose.

3. Get the right lipstick.


We suggest you avoid two kinds of lipsticks: nude lipstick and the ones that are too dark. The nude tends to look bad because it erases your lips, while the darkest ones harden the expression of the face.

Curl your eyelashes

First, curl your eyelashes with this tool. Use it before applying a layer of black mascara.

4. Opt for satin eyes shadows.


Pearly and shinning eyes shadows tend to mark fine lines like wrinkles. You will get better results with a satin finish.



To make you look younger, always make sure your eyes are well highlighted by putting a light concealer on top of your nose as well as in the hollow of your eyes. Then, finish with a clear eye shadow in the inner corner of your eye and blur it.

5. Finishing the look with perfection!


The eye line is a very interesting style. However, we suggest selecting a dark brown, black or gray eye shadows to match it with a beveled brush. Your eye will suddenly pop up and it will make you look much younger than if you opt for the classic cat looks.