5 DIY Idea to Decorate Your BedRoom With a Unique Touch

Do you want to decorate your bedroom without spending too much? Here are 5 DIY decoration ideas to try and add to your room!


It is not always easy to find ideas to decorate a bedroom. We face a lack of inspiration, or we simply struggle to respect our tight budget.

Fortunately, we can easily reproduce some cheap DIY decorations. If your doubt that you have what it takes, don’t worry! The following ideas are quite easy to do.

Here are 5 very simple home decorations that will add a special touch to your bedroom.

1. Floating Shelf


  • Cut 3.5 feet of rope.
  • You will need 36 pieces of rope.
  • Use one more piece of rope to tie all your strings together.
  • Separate your ropes into 4 sections.

Braid each section as if it was hair.

  • Add a wooden board (oval shape) in the center of your braids.
  • Pull the ropes up and secure them together with a spare rope.

Flip your project upside down and hang it where ever you want it!



2. Bathroom Box

Glue several rows of ropes on the outside of a cardboard box.

Cut the excess rope when you are done covering the box.

  • Cut half of an old t-shirt.
  • Glue half of the t-shirt (the one that does not have sleeves) to cover some of the inside and outside of your box..

3. Homemade Candle

You need a bain-marie, wax cubes, scented oil, a bowl and a candle wick.

  • Melt the wax cubes in a bain-marie.
  • Add drops of scented oil to your mix.
  • Glue the wick of a candle to the bottom of a bowl.
  • Pour the liquid wax into your bowl and wait for it to solidify.

Homemade Snow Ball

Take a Masson jar and pick whatever you want to decorate the middle of your snow ball.

4. Glue your decoration to the lid.


  • Add some sparkle powder.
  • Fill your jar with water.
  • Close it and turn it over.

Homemade stand for jewelry.

You will need a plastic glove (those used to clean the dishes), a container, plaster and water.

  • Mix 2 parts of plaster with one part of water in a container.
  • Pour your mixture into your plastic glove.
  • Wait 30 minutes for the mixture to dry.
  • Cut the plastic glove thoroughly.

5. Hang your jewelry after your new decorative storage unit.

Watch the following tutorial video to reproche these ideas and more.