Top 20 of Housekeeping Tips For People Who Terribly Hate It

Si vous n'aimez pas faire le ménage, voici un top 20 des meilleures astuces qui vous faciliteront la vie et qui vous sauveront du temps!


Housekeeping isn’t always a synonymous of hard work! Indeed, it is possible to clean quickly and without much difficulty. You just need to have the right techniques. Let us suggest some cleaning tips for your bathroom or pretty much anything you can have in the house! Do not waste hours rubbing, discover these useful tips now!

Clean your mirrors with coffee filters.

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To clean glass surfaces and mirrors such as wine glass, use coffee filters. They do not leave any scratches or fluff on your items and are quite cheap.


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Easily clean your microwave

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To clean your microwave oven, use a cup of water with baking soda. Turn on the microwave until the water boils. This eliminates odors and makes cleaning the unit very easy.

Remove limescale from the shower head.

To clean your shower head, just fill a Ziploc bag with vinegar and wrap it to your shower head with a rubber band. Leave it for 30 minutes and then remove the bag and run your shower!

Remove a stain of permanent marker.

To do this, simply spray WD-40 on the stained surface and rub with a rag.

How to reuse your softening sheet


Even after they have been used, the fabric softener sheets can do some magic in your home! Indeed, you can use them to dust your furniture, your electronic devices or your ventilation hatches.

Fight the smell of your trash with lemon.

Add a fresh scent to your kitchen by cutting a lemon and placing a few small slices through your trash. It’s also a good tip to use just before having guests over!

Removing grease stain.


To clean grease stains on your carpet or other surfaces, mix four parts of rubbing alcohol with one part of salt, then rub the stain with the mixture. Let the mixture dry in and vacuum the salt if necessary.

Removing red wine stains.

You may have already made a stain of red wine on your carpet as well as on your wall. To remove your stain from the carpet, you can pour white wine on it. To clean your wall, you can use a Magic Erasers.

Wipes as you are walking around

If you do not want to wash your floor, just take buy some microfiber cloths and cut it according to the shape of your slippers. Then install Velcro under your slippers and wipes as you are walking around!

Remove fourniture’s mark from the wall

Rub your wall with a tennis ball.

Dust your blinds off with a softening sheet

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Close your blinds and dust them with an old leaf softener.

Keep a spraying bottle of water and vinegar in the shower.

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Gain the habit of spraying your shower with a mixture of water and vinegar as your are done showering. This absorbs odors as well as bacteria and only take an additional minute.

Don’t forget to wash your bathroom’s carpet

Put it in the washer every week to prevent it from getting dirty.

Treat your hardwood flooring

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To wash your hardwood floors, use plain water or a water-based floor cleaner like Bona. Do not use vinegar. The acid contained in the vinegar can be harmful the concrete dye.

DIY Cleaning bombs

Washing the toilet is not the most pleasant thing in the world, but thanks to these DIY cleaning bombs, your nightmare is now over!

Mix baking soda, citric acid and liquid dish soap in a container. Drop your mixture into an ice cube tray and leave it for 2 hours. Now, your cleaning bombs are ready and you just have to throw one in the bowl when necessary!

Clean hard-to-reach areas of your toilet.

For your convenience, you will need a toothbrush to warm the handle with a lighter. Then bend the upper part of the toothbrush at 90 °. This will make it easier to clean inaccessible places in your bowl.

Removing chewing gum.

You have to spray the chewing gum with WD-40, then scrub with a cloth. You m ay have to repeat two times.

Clean your sofa with baking soda

Baking soda can help eliminate lingering odors and remove stains from the fabric. Start by brushing the surface of the couch, then sprinkle baking soda on the area to be cleaned. Leave it for about 20 minutes and vacuum it.

Safe cleanser for a computer.

There are certain chemicals you should never use on or near your computer, including:

  • Acetone
  • Ethyl alcohol
  • Toluene
  • Ethyl acid
  • Ammonia
  • Methyl Chloride

Generally, when cleaning your computer, avoid using paper towels, do not use harsh chemicals, and never spray product the screen directly.

Here is a safe and easy way to clean your computer:

  • To clean your keyboard, pour white vinegar onto a microfiber cloth and carefully rub the keyboard.
  • Use a cotton swab soaked in vinegar to clean areas that require more attention or details.
  • To clean your screen, take a microfiber cloth and wipe gently in circular motions.
  • Make a mix of water and vinegar if necessary.

Splinters of glass

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Don’t ever use your hands to pick up small shards of glass, it’s a very bad idea. Just take a slice of bread and squeeze it on the area where the glass burst, it should pick up all the pieces of glass lying on the floor.


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