Before You Throw Away Your Old Nylon Stockings, Here Is What You Should Do

Nylon stockings don't have a long lifespan. However, if you accumulate them in your wardrobe. Here are all the ways you can reuse them.


With the cold season arriving soon, and it’s time to restock on tights. Keep to one in a good condition to face the weather in style. Unfortunately, nylon stockings have a bad reputation. Indeed, although comfortable and very elegant, they tend to tear quickly, but don’t throw them away yet. Here are 17 ingenious ways to reuse your old tights.

13. DIY Hair elastics

Cut your nylon stockings into thin strips. Let them naturally roll and you’ll now have several hair bands.

12. Clean your shoes

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For shiny old shoes, cut your tights in a square shape. You can get many thin cloth to rub your shoes and remove dirt tarnishing them.

11. Useful accessory for the garbage can

Trim the upper part of your tights and roll it over the rim of your garbage can to secure the plastic bag. Heavy junk won’t constantly have your bag fall off.

Exfoliate your skin

Soak a small piece of your nylon stocking with water and soap. Gently scrub the area you want to exfoliate. It’s fabric is prefect to capture dead skin cells.

DIY potpourri bags

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Create your own potpourri with petals, pine cones and cinnamon sticks. Storing these bags all over your closet will bring a breath of fresh hair to your clothing.

10. Wash your hands while camping

Lodge a soap inside your nylon stocking and hang it on the a tree branch. When you need it, pour some water on your hands and wash them by rubbing them directly on your nylon stocking.

9. Retrieve your lost jewelry

Warp your nylon stocking on the end of your vacuum cleaner and secure it with an elastic band. Vacuum the recesses of your home to find the jewels and precious objects that you have lost for a long time.

8. Extend your onion lifespan

Lodge your onions in your nylon stocking, tie a knot in between, and repeat this step until you reach the top of your garment. They will last up to 8 months.

7. Remove the dust under the gaps

Insert your nylon stocking on a hanger and use the hanger to clean under your appliances.

6. Avoid the risk of snagging

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When you have finished working with wood, put your hand in a nylon stocking and rub the wood surface. If you hang the surface, there is a risk of splinters. Fix the problem right away.

5. Dust off the shelves

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The fabric works really well to capture the dust.

Remove nail polish

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Using a kleenex to remove nail polish isn’t a good idea. It will tear up in pieces. Use your old nylon stockings instead.

4. Wash your dirty sauce pan

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Simply use the stocking as a cleaning cloth to wipe all the dirt away.

Dust off detailed objects


Wear your nylon stockings as a glove to dust off some details objects. The fabric will capture most of the dirt.

2. Vintage filter for your mobile camera

Cut short a strip of your nylon stocking and wrap it on the camera of your phone.

Fake tattoo for Halloween

Lay down your tights on a flat surface, draw the pattern and put on the nylon stocking.

Stuff your teddy bears

Use your old tights to stuff your favorite teddy bears, cushions and other kind of crafts.

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