After Reading This, You Will Drink Even More Tea!

If you love to drink tea, you will definitely enjoy reading these 10 tips. You will appreciate tea on a whole other level.


Tea can be a real passion for some people. They love it so much that they collect different kinds of teas, they drink it in tea rooms, and they are always looking for new ways to drink it. If you love tea, without necessarily considering yourself a connaisseur, here are 10 tips on making your tea experience even better.

10. Your water contains limestone? Opt for mineral water instead of tap water.


9. Your water should be simmering.

Flickr/Stacy Spensley

Most people think tea water should be boiling when you add your tea but that’s a myth. The water should be simmering.

8. Steam your teapot by keeping the lid closed before brewing your tea.


By steaming your teapot for a few minutes, you will prevent your tea leaves from swelling.

7. Opt for a coated teapot.


Coated teapots make your tea taste better. We also suggest you choose a terracotta teapot so the tea steeps better.

6. Add some spices to your tea.


Create your own unique and tasty tea by adding lemon zest, cinnamon sticks, or vanilla sticks, etc.

5. Try Indian-style tea.

Wikimedia Commons/Miansari66

Swap your water for milk and add a pinch of cinnamon powder, some ginger powder, some cloves and one to three cardamom cloves.

4. Take care of your teapot.

  • Rince your teapot regularly.
  • When you’re not using your teapot, place a sugar cube in it.
  • Did you notice an unpleasant odor? Cut a slice of lemon and rub it in the inside of your teapot.

3. How to clean a tea stain.

Wikimedia Commons/Sec c sonam

If you stain a cotton or linen shirt, wash it by mixing one part oxygenated water and six parts normal water. If you stain a something made with a synthetic material, wash it with a mix of one part white vinegar and one part alcohol (90%).

2. Get rid of those pesky tea stains in your cup.

Wikimedia Commons/Niki Odolphie

To clean out tea and coffee stains out of your teacup, rub a slice of lemon in your cup or use a sponge soaked in claystone. You can also pour a bit of warm vinegar in the dirty cup or mix lukewarm water with a bit of bleach and let it soak before rincing it.

1. Add salt to your tea.

Wikimedia Commons/African Hope

Add a pinch of salt to you tea before you add your water to intensify the flavours.