Many women make these mistakes using their mascara

You think you know everything about your mascara? Forget about all the beauty gurus of this world. If you have been using mascara solely on your lashes, you have been doing it wrong. This cosmetic bag must can prove very useful for a plethora of things other than giving you a killer look. Here are 15 things to learn about your mascara that you probably never knew.


It is probably one of the first cosmetics you started secretly borrowing from your mom’s makeup bag. Mascara is an absolute beauty staple that most women use on a regular or occasional basis. Besides, it easy to find a good affordable one and it allows us to add a bit of oomph to our look in two quick motions. But did you know that you might not be using your mascara brush to its full potential? And you might not be using it properly either!

Learn common mascara mistakes to make sure you never do them again whenever you spend some time getting ready in front of the mirror. But even better. You will also learn some new surprising things you can do with your wand!

Here are 15 practical and unusual things to know about mascara, the beauty MVP!

15Don’t pump your mascara wand

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Avoid pumping your mascara wand in your mascara tube. You risk making the formula dry faster and allow bacterias to spread in your tube.