10 tips from a firefighter when starting your barbecue after a while

Here are 10 important tips from the Winnipeg region fire department concerning the kick-off of the barbecue season.


Marc Proulx, Public Educator Coordinator of the Winnipeg Fire Department, declared that the biggest error that people make at the beginning of the barbecue season is to light it without having checked it or cleaned it.

“You need to do a Spring cleaning of your propane tank, your connections […]” declared Proulx.

After intervening at someone’s house because of a fire caused by a barbecue fire, he took the opportunity to give some basic tips to BBQ amateurs. Here are all the things you should know before turning on the gas.

1Cleaning – Is it humid?

Verify the line between the regulator and the burners — humidity can accumulate in the line. It is important to demount the burners, the diffusers and the grills and to do an in-depth cleaning.