If you have these bites or stings on your skin, here is what they mean

With the sun and warmer days, summer often translates to 'insect heaven'. While they are an important part of the ecosystem, bugs can be annoying and even at times and importantly dangerous. A bite could be the sign of an infestation or require medical assistance. It is important to recognize insect bites in order to protect yourself.


With warm temperatures rising, we also notice more insects resurfacing. We certainly didn’t miss them, but such is life. In fact, most insects are essential components of the ecosystem. Still, some can be very annoying to the human race. From morning to evening, they can attack our sensitive skin and leave a mark on us. Sometimes, a calming lotion to stop the itching will do the trick. Other times, a trip to the hospital as soon as possible is necessary. And sometimes, it can even be the sign of an infestation. This means you might have to call an exterminator. And if you are on a trip, you will have to take special measures to prevent taking them back home with you.

How can you know if it is a simple common bite that you don’t have to worry about or if you should be concerned? There are ways to recognise them. Here are 7 common insect bites and how to identify them.

1. Bedbugs

If you’ve been bitten by bedbugs, you will get red spots, usually on your ankles and arms.

It will itch a lot for the next few days. Don’t scratch yourself because you could get an infection. Use a lotion to calm the bites, then call an exterminator!

2. Brown recluse spider

Brown reculse spiders usually hang around in isolated spaces with a lot of dust; attics, barns, hangars…

If you notice you have a bite with brown and violet spots, get yourself to the hospital. These spots are necrotic lesions and need to be treated immediately. 

3. Red ants

Fire ants are red ants who have acquired this name because of the intense pain they cause. Because of them, you will develop a painful skin rash that ressembles acne.

Too many of these bites can cause an allergic reaction, so make sure you breathe right.

4. Black widow spider

Black widow spiders leave a bite that looks like two small lesions. Think of a tiny vampire bite.

After being bitten, the toxins can cause muscular pain and swelling. This type of bite is rarely fatal, but it still needs to be examinated by a doctor.

5. Ticks

If you spend the day outside near a wooded area or in tall grass, you could find yourself with a tick if you are not careful. Ticks often carry diseases. If you notice an allergic reaction of this kind, immediately visit a health professional. This type of allergic reaction is a sign of lyme disease.

6. Fleas


Fleas are minuscule insects that often find themselves on animals. When they bite, they leave little bite marks and cause itching. They often target feet or ankles since they are close to the ground.

Flea bites are not dangerous per se, but they can carry disease, so be careful if you get a fever.

7. Mosquitoes

Most of us know what a mosquito bite looks like as well as what it feels like. These bites often appear on your legs and your arms in the form of a red mark.

Mosquitoes can carry diseases like the West Nile virus, Zika and Malaria.

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