10 perfect house and garden projects to make with concrete blocks

If you like making original objects in order to stand out from your neighbours, here are 10 ways to do it with concrete blocks. It is simple and fun!


If you like working with your hands and you enjoy doing some DIY projects, you know how simple DIY projects can be. They can easily improve your decor in an original way. Take concrete blocks for example. Of course, they can remind you of a construction zone, but these cement accessories are quite versatile and integrate themselves well into our decor with a little bit of imagination. Here are 10 genius and original projects that you can make with these blocks.  

1An outdoor bench


With concrete blocks, a little bit of glue, paint and basic tools, you can make this magnificent outdoor bench that won’t be affected by the changing temperatures. Why not add some nice pillows and a pretty throw to make it more comfortable?