How to transform a flower box in a cascade of flowers

Since she drilled holes in her flower box, people thought she was crazy. Yet, the result convinced many people to try it too!


If you like gardening and you love flowers, or you simply feel like making a fun DIY project that will look nice in your house or your garden, here is an interesting project that you can make. On the website Helt Tool Belt, a woman named Amy surprised many people with a simple project that seemed completely crazy at first. She transformed a simple flower box into a cascade of flowers that is simply breathtaking. We hope this inspires you to create something similar. Here is how she did it.

1. Make holes in your flowerpot

Make sure you have enough space between the holes so your flowers can easily grow.

2. Plant your first row of flowers, and then cover them with earth

Quickly, the flowers will start to grow. You can help place them through the holes that you created.

3. As explained on « You can fill the back of the box with marbles and styrofoam.»

«Then, plant another row, and repeat the same steps. »

4. Make sure you check if your plants need water

Touch the earth to see if they need water or not. Avoid submerging them underwater since you risk killing them.

5. When they finish growing, this is what they will look like if you take care of them

Isn’t it sublime? You won’t see the holes in your flower box anymore, which before, were very visible!

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