These foods rich in B12 vitamin will keep your brain healthy

It is important to feed our bodies with the right vitamins and nutrients. Here is where to find good sources of B12 vitamin to have a happy brain.


To work properly, your body needs many nutrients, including many vitamins. B12 vitamin is good for your body’s health but also for your brain’s health. It makes your brain perform better. You can notably find this vitamin in meat, fish, and milk products. Here are 10 foods to consume to have a B12 vitamin-rich diet and to have a healthy brain. 

1. What are the benefits of B12 vitamin?


B12 vitamin is an essential nutrient for red blood cells, the nervous system’s functions and the synthesis of DNA. It is essentially the brain’s food! “You have to make sure to have your daily dose of vitamin B12 since it is crucial, especially when you start ageing: a deficiency of this vitamin is linked to a cognitive decline and a decline to your nervous system”, according to Jaclyn London, nutrition director at the Good Housekeeping Institute. If you’re preoccupied with getting enough of it, which is 2,4 micrograms, talk about it with your doctor to carry out some tests.

2. Tuna


Grilled or in a can, one 3 ounce portion of this fish is filled with omega-3, protein and B12 which stimulates the brain for one whole day. Try to have about 12 ounces of a mix of fatty fish per week to answer your needs in these nutrients.

3. Cottage cheese


Not only does this cheese supply your body with B12, cottage cheese gives you a sense of satiety for relatively few calories. 1/2 a cup of this cheese (1% fat) equals to around 90 calories and contains up to 18 grams of protein! Why not spread some on grilled bread and use it as an alternative to cream cheese?

4. Shrimp


Shrimp contain around 80% of  B12 vitamin daily value. Also, it is an excellent source of nutritive choline (linked to the heart and brain’s health) and lean proteins. Serve some with vegetables or mix them in a salad. You can also boil them to have a fresh shrimp cocktail appetizer.

5. Swiss cheese


What’s not to like about cheese? Swiss cheese is richer in B12 than other cheeses, approximately 14% of your daily intake of this vitamin. Cut a piece of this cheese with some fruit for a great snack full of protein and fibre.

6. Sardines


These tiny fishes are very tasty and easy to eat from a can or fresh from the grill. Sardines are filled with lean protein and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which is crucial for the development of a fetus’ brain and cognition in adults. One portion of sardines contains close to 20% of your daily intake of B12.

7. Enriched cereals


Some oat based cereals or wholewheat bran cereals can be enriched with vitamin B12 and can give you 30% of its daily intake with only one portion. Mix a cup of non-fat Greek yogurt and cereal or mix them with a handful of nuts as a snack.

8. Mussels


Only 3 ounces of mussels will give you 340% of your daily intake of this vitamin. Also, they are filled with lean protein (20 grams), vitamin C and iron. Serve them steamed with olive oil or à la provençale with fennel, garlic and tomatoes. Delicious!

9. Milk


With a latte, you can get close to 20% of your daily intake of this vitamin. Choose non-fat milk or low-fat milk to reduce superfluous calories that come from the fat without sacrificing the protein – a 16-ounce glass of milk contains 13 grams!

10. Clams


Whether you like them raw on a half shell or cooked in your chowder, clams are surprisingly super-foods. Three ounces of clams give you loads of iron and potassium as well as B12 vitamins. Enjoy your delicious chowder!

11. Beef


Here is one thing to love about red meat: steak is an excellent source of B12. Make sure to choose lean beef and find local, grass-fed cows to limit the environmental impact of the cattle raising industry.


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