10 delicious things to put in your plate without feeling any guilt

Who said eating healthy was boring? It is possible to indulge in great food with healthy food and drink alternatives. Here's the proof!


We often think, wrongfully, that eating healthy food is a way of depriving ourselves of all the joy that a good meal can offer us. We can, however, indulge without regretting eating the whole content of our plate. In fact, what’s trendy on Pinterest these days is foods and drinks. Epicureans seem to be trying to eat well on a daily basis. Here are 10 culinary trends to absolutely try by combining flavor and health.

1Choose an oil-less fryer


One of the biggest cooking trends is to choose an oil-less fryer. This kitchen accessory allows you to fry food with hot air instead of with oil. You can reduce a lot of the calories you eat but still get very delicious food.