Here’s how to optimize your cupboard space

If you don't have enough space in your kitchen or bathroom cupboards, know that you can create more space with a few ingenious ideas.


It is not a rare thing to not have enough cupboard space, especially ones in the kitchen and bathroom. In fact, when you’re more than one person living in a house, you can accumulate numerous objects that need to be stored somewhere or else you’ll live in total chaos. Obviously, you can save space and create more space in your cupboards with a few ingenious ideas. Here is how to optimize cupboard space in your house.

1. Use a magazine holder for your water bottles


To avoid having your water bottles fall from your cupboards every time you open the door, keep them in a magazine holder.

2. Or, use a magazine holder for canned goods

You can also save space in your pantry by keeping your canned goods in magazine holders. All you have to do is pile them sideways.

3. Use a towel rack for your cleaning products

A towel rack used to hang towels is a great and intelligent way to store cleaning products that can’t be placed anywhere else.

4. Hang a cork bulletin board in your kitchen


The inside of your cupboard is a practical place to note appointments and to hang grocery lists. To recreate this idea by Two Twenty-One, add a whiteboard and a key holder. In the kitchen, you can also use a cork bulletin board to hang recipes or add some hooks to keep measuring cups organized and within reach.

5. Add shelves

Adding shelves to your cupboards will optimize unused space. You can store discrete things like dishware.

6. Store things in labelled containers

Clean out your cupboards and throw out everything that is expired. Then, transfer the flour, sugar, cocoa powder, etc. in labelled containers. Without tons of paper bags, you can easily find what you are looking for.

7. Easily access your casseroles with a sliding drawer

You can reuse an old metallic filing unit to keep your casseroles and cutting boards vertically. You can also add a sliding drawer for an even easier access like shown above.

8. Install a hook in your cupboard


In this cupboard, they use a divider to keep cutting boards and casseroles vertically. You can also install a plastic hook to hang kitchen accessories like a ladle or a meat thermostat.

9. Add a pretty wall covering to your cupboard

This is not only very pretty but the paper (or fabric) contrasted with the cupboard makes the colourful items inside pop more. If you have glass cupboard doors, this is a must.

10. Store smaller objects in containers

This way, all you need to do is take out the container you need instead of looking everywhere (just make sure that you add labels to the containers so you know where everything is).

11. Transform a small cupboard into a sliding drawer

In this tiny kitchen, the sliding drawers make it easier to access things. This is so simple and practical, right?

12. Organize your spices on a Lazy Susan

If you have a ton of spices and you love using them when you cook, a turntable (also known as a lazy Susan) can help you access your spices easily.

13. Install sliding shelves

A shelf system, like this one, will allow you to easily access and store kitchen articles like casseroles and pans.

14. Organize your dishware with a rack

Swap piles of dishware for a vertical rack that will make grabbing plates easier. You can always buy one in store if you don’t feel like making your own.

15. Use the door for your cutting boards


When they aren’t being used, cutting boards have a tendency of tipping over in cupboards or they take a lot of space on the counter. Why not hang a grill inside the door of your cupboard and store your cutting boards there?


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