Everything you need to know to be trendy without spending one cent (or almost)

Do you love clothes but you don't love the bill that comes with them when you go shopping? Here are a few hacks to be trendy without spending a dime.


Most people pay a lot of attention to their physical appearance, whether it is by spending money on expensive beauty products, by going to the gym, to the hairdresser or by spending a lot on clothes and accessories. In fact, some people can spend a lot of money when they go shopping. It is important to know that it is possible to have a nice style without spending a fortune. Here are a few hacks to be trendy this season without breaking the bank.

1. See life in colour!


Colour is very trendy this season. You don’t need to run around and go to hundreds of stores to buy 8 new outfits (unless you really need these outfits). All you need to do is look through your wardrobe and pick a colourful top and bottom. You can opt for more audacious pairings if you’re in the mood or simply wear a colourful top with blue jeans.

2. Wear midi skirts


This skirt, straight out of the 1960s, can give you different looks depending on the top you wear it with. Do you want to wear it at work? Wear it with a blouse and a chic jacket. Do you wish to wear it out to a trendy restaurant with friends? Put a t-shirt on with a leather or jean jacket. You will love its light fabric and its patterns. It’s a good investment to make in the spring and summer and you can also wear it during the warmer days in the early fall.

3. Don’t be scared of mixing gold and silver

Take out your jewellery box because right now it’s all about silver and gold. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on fashion accessories, why not swap jewellery like necklaces and rings with your friends? You can also visit some thrift stores. You can sometimes find really nice things if you look closely.

4. Show off your shoulders


You’ll notice a lot of women strolling with off the shoulder dresses and shirts this spring and summer. To try this look, you can obviously buy a dress or shirt in store but you can also borrow your boyfriend’s shirt so you don’t spend money. With a pair of jeans or leggings, you’ll have a killer look, it’s guaranteed.

5. Try the slit dress


Dresses are worn with a side slit in 2018. It is a very trendy and elegant look. You will see tons of them in stores. Certainly, if you know how to sew, you can create a slit in a dress that you don’t often wear but make sure you don’t go too crazy with the scissors.

6. Attract attention with psychedelic prints


The psychedelic print (that we often see at music festivals) is making a comeback this season! If you don’t feel like investing in a new dress or a jumpsuit, you can opt for some shorts or a silk scarf with a funky pattern. It will be way less expensive.

7. Show off your tan

If you don’t have any coral clothes or accessories, this should be on your shopping list. This colour automatically gives a healthy glow to your skin. You can wear it with a light beige, with white or with a bright colour. Look out for sales when trying to find a piece of clothing of this colour.

8. Wear some violet


Violet is THE colour to adopt this year. You’re not obliged to get yourself a violet dress to be trendy. You can wear a violet accessory like a belt, a necklace, shoes or a brooch (you probably have violet accessories in your closet but you’ve forgotten about them).

9. Adopt high heel ankle boots


High heeled ankle boots have been trendy for the past few years now. They have become an essential item. You can wear them with a pair of jeans, a midi skirt or even with a long dress. In short, they are perfect for the office but also for an after-work drink with your girlfriends or on a date with your loved one. If you have to buy new boots, buy these versatile booties.

10. Wear a lot of layers


A must this season is to wear lots of layers. All you need to do is combine a dress with a t-shirt or overalls with a turtleneck to try this kind of stylish get-up. It’s not really complicated. The important thing is to mix textures, fabrics and colours.


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