Here’s how to prevent rips and tears in your stockings

Stockings can add a lot of style to an outfit. However, it is easy to make a hole in them. Here are some tips on how to fix this problem.


There is nothing more unpleasant than putting on a brand new pair of stockings and tearing them a few seconds later… Unfortunately, this happens far too often. No matter how careful we are, tears seem inevitable. However, you should know that some tricks exist to help prolong the life expectancy of tights. Here are some you should know!

1. Make sure to hydrate your skin

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It is much easier to put on stockings when your skin is moisturized. But be sure to moisturize your legs in advance, because if the skin doesn’t have time to absorb the lotion, the tights may stick to your legs. Keeping your legs hydrated can also help prevent your tights from becoming dusty, which is also convenient.

2. Wear the right size

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This seems obvious, but wearing tights that are too small will put you at greater risk of tearing them. Tights usually have a size chart on their packaging, so make sure you pay attention to this. If you are between two sizes, choose the larger size.

3. Cut your nails

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Nails and all nails cut unevenly are the number one enemy of all pairs of tights. Take preventive measures by making sure that your nails (fingers and toes) are well cut and filed before putting on your tights. You should also wait until you have put on your tights to wear some rings, as they too can get caught in the fabric.

4. Put them in the freezer

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Yeah, you read that right. Freezing your stockings helps keep their fibres tighter, making them less sensitive to tearing, according to StyleCaster. All you need to do is wet your tights once you take them out of the packaging, then wring them slightly before placing them in a freezer bag and freezing them overnight. The next day, let your tights thaw gradually at room temperature. Once they have air dried, they are ready to be worn.

5. Crumple up your tights

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Instead of simply placing your toes in your tights, we always suggest that you crumple them from hip to toe and then pull them slowly up your legs. This way, you have more control and won’t pull too hard on the fabric.

6. Be careful with zippers

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Zip-up boots are not the best thing to wear with tights. Be sure to slowly pull up your zipper, and if possible, keep a space between the zipper and your leg to prevent your tights from getting stuck in the teeth.

7. Wash them with care

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The best way to wash your stockings is to do it by hand. If you have to wash them in the washing machine, be sure to place them in a net bag (don’t put them in the same bag as your bras, since the clips can damage them). Let them dry in the open air to prevent them from shrinking or getting damaged in the dryer.

8. Stop the tearing of a pantyhose

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If you notice a small tear in your tights, stop it with clear nail polish. Simply apply the varnish around the edges of the tear to seal it and prevent it from getting bigger.

9. Get at least 200 denier tights


To avoid tearing your tights, choose stockings of at least 200 deniers. The deniers are used to measure the thickness of the pantyhose thread. By choosing a high number of deniers, you will be sure to choose thick thread tights. This will guarantee you strong tights.

10. Look for reinforced seams

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If you are looking for a slightly stronger pair of tights, buy a pair with reinforced seams on the toes and crotch area. This means that the seams in these areas have been sewn twice, which makes them stronger and therefore less prone to tearing. As suggested by Refinery 29, you can also wear thin socks under your tights (depending on your shoe choice) so they act as a barrier between your nails and tights.


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